10 Tips For Learning a New Language That You Can Try

Learning a new language takes work. However, mastering a new language alongside your mother tongue is one of the most valuable investments in life. However, there is no shortcut to mastering a foreign language. Several surefire methods you can use to make your learning process more effective. Come check out the tips below.


Tips for learning a new language Self-taught

1. Gather motivation and commitment

Doing something with a clear reason is easier. Therefore, you need to know why you want to learning a new language. Would you like to study abroad? Or would you like to work in a foreign company? If you have a clear reason, keep going. In addition to motivation, you must also bring a strong commitment. This is necessary so that your learning process continues.


2. Learn everyday phrases

Learning a new language is closely related to memorization. However, you can memorize some foreign language vocabulary. The simplest tips for learning a new language are to use everyday phrases or words. Based on tips from acclaimed author Mark Manson, start by studying the 100 most commonly used words. Use the vocabulary in simple sentences according to the correct grammar. This method will make your learning process easier.

Learning a new language

3. Learn new vocabulary from films or series

Who says learning a new language has to start with reading a grammar book or dictionary? You can also learn from the things you like! You can watch movies or series in the language you want to learn. For example, watch films or series with English subtitles to learn German. Listen to the characters speak while paying attention to the translation. If you are used to it, use German subtitles. Use this method of learning a new language until you’re comfortable without subtitles.


4. Read books in foreign languages

Reading is an important part of the language learning process, which, unfortunately, still needs to be addressed. In fact, by reading it, you will understand how a language works. The mastery of the city will also be broader. You can start with something other than heavy books. Try reading children’s books, as the vocabulary used is still basic. As you read, remember to write down any words or phrases you need help understanding. Then look up the meaning in the dictionary. These tips also apply when you listen to the lyrics of your favorite song.


5. Use Voice App Help

Learning something new yourself is easy in the digital age. In addition, many websites and applications can now be accessed and downloaded via smartphones. You can also download special applications for language learning. In addition, you can also learn from foreign language content on various social media. While these tips for learning a new language come in handy, remember to take notes. You will become more comfortable with the language you are learning by taking notes.

Learning a new language

6. Take notes and index cards

Taking notes manually is one way to improve memory. Prepare a special book to record the new vocabulary you find in books, movies, series, or other media. If necessary, prepare a small note to take with you wherever you go. Aside from taking notes, making flashcards is very effective in helping you memorize vocabulary. You can make it yourself or buy it at a bookstore. Its concise form allows you to study anywhere, anytime.


7. Listen to podcasts in foreign languages

Listening is a language skill. Listening to native speakers speak is also one of the best ways to learn a new language. In addition to watching films and series or listening to songs in foreign languages, you can also listen to podcasts. There are many podcast platforms you can learn from. For beginners, there are podcasts with tips for learning foreign languages. You can also listen to content on your favorite topic, delivered in the language you’re learning.

Learning a new language

8. Invite the closest people

Learning new things is much more fun when you invite the people closest to you, even if you want to learning a new language. Having friends to study with will keep you motivated. Your friend can also be a friend to discuss and practice to improve your foreign language skills. You can also use online discussion forums to make friends to study foreign languages together. Through this forum, you can exchange knowledge about the language you are learning.



9. Confident

One of the things that often prevent someone from improving their foreign language skills is a sense of inferiority. Believing in yourself is the key to success in mastering a foreign language. You can speak a foreign language occasionally with close friends or family. The more confident you are, the faster you become fluent in the language.


10. Don’t be afraid to be wrong

The final tip for learning a new language is never to be afraid of being wrong. Fear of making mistakes will only hinder your learning process. Also, remember that making mistakes is a learning process. So never be afraid to make mistakes when learning a new language, even when speaking to native speakers. Finally, native speakers will generally not hesitate to provide input to those learning their language. Remember, take your mistakes as an opportunity to keep learning.


These were 10 ways to learning a new language on your own. If you’re the kind of person, who prefers to listen, learn foreign languages through podcasts and songs. But if you find it easier to learn visually, you can practice by watching foreign language films. There is also a quicker way, and that is through experience, such as making friends with people who speak the foreign language you are learning. Much luck! Hope this article is useful.

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