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If you’re thinking about starting a business from scratch, we all know it’s not easy. The challenge is to develop the business so that it stays strong and has loyal customers.

Not only operate but of course, also know the right steps and strategies in corporate development. So, how? See the following article for more details.

10 ways to build a business to win the competition

The circumstances are not always in the foreground, and this is also the case in business life. When running a business, there are times when the business stagnates or does not experience significant development.

You certainly want to grow your business, especially if you’re still on a small to medium scale, so you don’t get stuck all the time. Here are some ways to develop small and medium-sized businesses that you can do.


  1. Identifying Competitors

If you have a business in a certain field, it’s good to know your competitors. Competitors are competitors who make the same or the same product. In this age of advanced technology, you can easily conduct competitive research.

For example, you can search for similar products using available marketplace platforms such as Shopee or Tokopedia. Depending on the activity, direct observation in the field can also be carried out.

The existence of research and observation of competitors also allows you to analyze the appearance of the product, how it can be advertised, to the branding that they form. This will bring inspiration for the development of your business.


  1. Network expansion

As we expand the network, there are many benefits. By making contacts, we can add connections to increase business. You can join a community that matches your industry. These communities are usually found at specific events or activities. For example, there is a coffee festival that usually involves the barista community. If you have a coffee shop, it never hurts to join the community.

Tailor the network to be expanded to business needs to stay relevant. For example, if you have a workshop business, of course, it is not suitable if you have a relationship with a football team. It would be more appropriate if the motorcycling community became your relationship.


  1. Maximizing Service to Consumers

No successful business without maximum customer service. Regardless of the goods or services produced, there are of course still customers of those products. In this fast-paced world, consumers also expect agile and excellent service. Do not hesitate to deal with complaints, criticism, or suggestions for your company. Also, be sure to engage well with consumers. Customers are the best capital for your company. Serving consumers as much as possible is the most effective way to develop a business in entrepreneurship.


  1. Create product innovations

There are times when the target market does not live up to expectations because the products being marketed are less attractive and monotonous. You can examine the product more closely and find gaps that need to be updated.

For example, if you sell groceries, you can add nutrients or develop a product with a new taste. For products in the form of goods, a change of packaging can be tried out so that the consumer does not get bored. This includes how to develop a small trading business.

If the company to be developed is a startup or an application, adding features and updating the display design are some innovative options.


  1. Review of business development during term

A business trip review is a way of developing an existing business and needs to be done. With a review (review) of the company, you can find gaps that need to be maximized or improved for it to continue growing. Set measurable and realistic goals for your business trip. No need to plan bombastic goals. Small but sure steps will have more impact on business development than large, risky actions. Unless you already have a backup plan or business backup plan in place. Remember that in business you will always go through trial and error.


  1. Recognize the weaknesses and strengths of your company

The research applies not only to competitors but also to your own company. Analyze the conducted business, what are the pros and cons. Try to keep existing strengths and potential. Meanwhile, deficiencies can be assessed and the causes found to make improvements in the future to further develop an already running business.


  1. Improvise marketing strategy

These things are similar to making product innovations, only it leads to marketing. There is nothing wrong with improvising your marketing strategy outside of the existing plan, especially as marketing trends are dynamic. You can observe conventional or modern marketing strategies. Examples of traditional marketing such as billboards or TV ads. You can now see the modern way through social media or websites. Ease of access when using social media is a way to build an influential business with small capital. Always pay attention to market trends on social media. Find out what topics are hotly debated in the community. You can use it for a marketing strategy.


  1. Increase product promotion

If you feel that your business is underdeveloped, try investigating the way it advertises. Promotion is a way to develop a business in entrepreneurship, both small and large. Is the promotion in line with today’s trends? Make sure the promotional materials are appropriate and relevant to the target market. Do not allow offensive and controversial promotional materials.

Intensify product promotion through soft selling or hard selling. An example of soft selling is creating content, be it in the form of articles or videos. Meanwhile, examples of hard-selling may come in the form of limited-edition promotions or discounts.

  1. Expand target market

How to develop a small business worth trying next is to expand the target market. During that time, your business goal might be too narrow, so the revenue level was just like that. Do your research to find a market that may be your next target. Customize or innovate your product so it can reach them.


  1. Increase resources

Raising resources is one way to develop an important business venture. Business prosperity can certainly come when resources keep evolving with every advance. These resources include sourcing materials for production as well as the people involved in your business. Fulfill all potential, from sourcing quality materials to training employees with the latest skills. Well, those are some ways of developing a business that you can apply. Sure, every company has its uniqueness, but it becomes difficult for you if you just stand still and don’t keep up with the development.


Of course, having seen some of the above opportunities, the role of consumers is very important in the development of your business. Well, the business strategy created will be more effective if you understand how consumers behave.

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