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As an emerging short video platform, there are various exciting content ideas to post on YouTube Shorts channel. From funny videos to promotional purposes, many content creators already use these mediums. The reason is that while Shorts lasts only 30-60 seconds, it’s perfect for those who want to engage a new audience quickly.

So, what are some popular content ideas to post on shorts? Check out ten examples curated by Glints below.


1. Lifehack video

During all the hustle and bustle, we naturally want to do all the work practically to save time. We want to find the easiest way to go about our daily activities whenever possible.

Seeing that, making a life hack video can be a good YouTube short film content idea. This content goes hand-in-hand with instructional videos, making your audience believe in your skills and quickly engage their interest.

You don’t have to worry. You can create videos based on the most relevant things to everyday life. If you want to promote a product, explain as best you can in a video that it is the solution to our daily problems.


2. Video with exciting facts

The following content idea to put in YouTube shorts is a video about various fun facts. Why should you post this content? Because audiences want to learn new things in an easy-to-understand format. They only want to spend a little bit of time studying, especially when they’re busy.

Moreover, exciting fact videos can be a good content option to increase YouTube channel engagement. So what are the facts you can discuss in the video?

For example, you can check the trend in your channel topic. In addition, you can also discuss fascinating facts about the products sold by your business unit as a promotional measure.


3. BTS Videos (Behind the Scenes)

In addition, BTS videos or Behind the Scenes can also be a good content idea for the YouTube Shorts channel. This type of video is even better for new business units or companies.

Why is that? Because according to Wouter Manders, the audience would like to see the company from a different perspective, not just a business perspective. With BTS videos, companies can show that they are still human and quickly reach the audience.

For content in BTS videos, you can show the production process or moments when company employees meet. With this type of video, companies are guaranteed to arouse the interest and emotions of the audience in a short time.

4. Video Micro Review

You’ve probably seen a lot of in-depth YouTube video reviews where creators rate products and other things.

You can also place these videos as content ideas on YouTube Shorts in less time. For those who don’t know, this type of content is known as micro-rating.

In this video, you briefly rate a product or service that you have recently used. These videos can be a powerful way to build viewers’ trust in your channel’s content.


5. Short question and answer video

The following content idea to post on YouTube Short is a short question-and-answer video. This type of content challenges you to answer the audience’s questions directly.

However, your efforts will pay off as this video can increase the credibility of the channel and the business unit you work. In addition, Q&A content can also target an audience that better aligns with your channel’s topics.


6. Experiment video

Experimental videos are one of the most popular content ideas on Reels and TikTok. Now that shorts have a similar format, this type of video is expected to bring similar success to the platform.

For example, if you have a food-themed channel, you can experiment with different ingredients and recipes. In addition, you can also use the product for trial purposes for promotional purposes with the help of experts. This strategy allows the audience to see the channel and the company as trusted entities.


7. Video Tutorials

If your company or channel is about to launch a new product, video tutorials can be exciting for YouTube Shorts content. This type of video can be a way for companies to educate about using products cost-effectively.

This content can also be an excellent strategy to promote products and increase customer experiences. Remember that short videos are only 60 seconds long. So don’t forget to make short scripts and instructions.

8. Recycled Content

One way to increase viewership is to produce as much content as possible. However, this is only possible if the budget for your production needs is limited.

Therefore, recycled content can be a good idea for developing your YouTube shorts channel. The recycled content here is old videos from your drain. Later you can choose the best part and start it in shorts for 60 seconds. Aside from popularizing your shorts channel, this strategy can also be an effective way to increase engagement with your old videos.


9. Comparison video

As this article has explained, there is a lot of exciting content you can use for promotional purposes. However, the comparison video is one of the best examples that even large companies still use.

The comparison video here does not mean that you are comparing the quality of the company’s products to those of its competitors. Instead, you’re comparing the company’s latest products to previous products. You can view the progress and the latest features in it. The audience will understand that your company cares about their satisfaction, ideas, and contributions.


10. Company and channel history videos

The final content idea to use on YouTube Shorts is a short company and channel history video. For about 60 seconds, you can touch the audience’s emotions by telling how your company and your YouTube channel came into being.

You can include in the script an emotional story and the steps that need to be taken to keep your YouTube account and business up to this point. The dynamic nature of this video allows you to increase customer loyalty and prepare them for future products indirectly. Since this video is sentimental, ensure you have a script with good storytelling techniques.


That’s an explanation of ten YouTube shorts channel ideas that you can use to capture audience interest. The above description can help you become a reliable YouTube content creator!

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