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Small businesses must have a unique marketing strategy if they want to be at the top. While common marketing strategies are still successful in marketing a product or service, try combining them with new strategies that reach more consumers.

A common marketing strategy is to invite potential customers to a promotional event or opening of your business. But in this modern era, many people want something simpler and less time-consuming in their busy times. So mix up this strategy in a newer way.

Before we talk about marketing strategies, you need to know your market and target customers. With this knowledge, you can determine the main goals of your marketing plan. Know what customers like and win their hearts with the best deals. Most importantly, you know what social media they use the most. Then use social media as your marketing medium.

Before proceeding, you should have a website with a creative and user-friendly design. Your website can work in conjunction with social media and other marketing tools such as:

Use Google My Business

One of the most powerful marketing strategies for your small business is using Google My Business. For businesses targeting the local market, this platform is a powerful marketing medium. This list appears at the top of the search page and the front.

Google My Business is a platform that brings together all other Google marketing tools like Google+. Profiles from Google Analytics, Google Reviews, Google Insights, and Google Maps.

Google My Business or Google My Business is a great way to get your small business noticed more often. To get a top ranking on the Google search page, all you have to do is optimize your profile. Your profile and services receive reviews and offer from customers. So give them the best, or a negative review can ruin your company’s reputation.


Google Advertising

Google AdWords is an online marketing channel that has long proven itself to get to the top. Although this marketing channel costs money, it is a very effective tool to bring traffic to your online site. Your website will appear on the first page in search results and also at the top. So that potential customers can easily find your business. Most importantly, you also create the right SEO or keywords for your business.


Discover content marketing

You need to create relevant content that shows the value of your business. Your content may be in the form of information about the benefits of products and services that consumers question. Or settle for information about solutions to problems consumers might encounter when using your product or service. Show this content on blogs, websites, or various social media. This content-sharing marketing technique can come in handy to drive potential customers to your business.

However, make sure you create quality content with relevant topics. You should also optimize the content using SEO techniques. Where in the content there are several keywords related to your business. Besides written content, you can also create other interesting content in the form of photos and videos.


Create Facebook ads

Facebook is an effective marketing strategy that your small business can use. Facebook is a social medium that reaches almost everyone, almost everyone has a Facebook account. You need to analyze which Facebook users are your target customers. You can target customers based on their location, gender, age, and more.


Cooperation with other relevant companies

Small businesses can reach more people through partnerships with other businesses. This is an effective way to market your product or service. For example, if you sell or rent wedding dresses, you might make an offer to a salon that only does makeup and hairstyling. This allows you to be recognized by customers of other companies or businesses.


Use multiple social media

Everyone uses social media differently. So your business must also have some social media that many of your target customers use. Without having to think about it, social media like Facebook and Instagram are the most important social media you must have.

To find out which social media your target customers use the most and create a marketing plan to grab their attention.


Brochure Ads

Print media like brochures are very effective to give to consumers. Its small and simple shape makes it easy for consumers to read. Make sure you combine brochure advertising with online marketing strategies. Create a brochure with the best visual appearance so that this brochure catches consumers’ attention. Provide brief and clear information, your company’s location and number, and anything that will help your customers access your product or service. And the most important thing is to create a brochure with the best design. If necessary, contact a graphic design company to work on your brochure design. Experienced graphic designers know how to choose the right design elements for your brochure, be it colors, fonts, images, and more.


Marketing Email

Make subscription features available to your subscribers via email. Consumers who subscribe to your business email address naturally want more information to convince them before making a purchase decision. Email marketing is an effective way to gain customers’ attention and trust. So make this offer creative and attractive.

In addition to information about products or services, also include attractive offers such as coupons or vouchers. You can send this email marketing to your customers automatically. A very easy way to run promotions and build communication with consumers.


live offer

Sending out an offer letter is a traditional way of advertising. But there are still many companies that do this effectively. With so many interesting online media with different content, you have to do this promotion differently than usual.

Start by creating an attention-grabbing envelope design. With a slightly larger size to keep people curious about what’s inside. Adjust design elements like colors, fonts, logos, and more appropriately.

And finally, make sure you provide interesting content on the cover. If you’re making a particularly valuable offer, place the offer in a legible area and larger type.


Offer incentives to your employees

You can ask your employees to promote your company. It is also a marketing strategy to attract new customers. Those who better understand what your product or service is like. Still, make sure your employees convey the message fully and clearly to customers.

You can motivate and encourage your employees to promote your business by providing incentives for the sales made. These incentives can come in the form of money, coupons, and others.


These marketing ideas will surely help you promote your product or service. Take the time to implement this strategy.

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