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Whether your salary is small or large, saving money is still a must. By saving money, you can set aside part of your income that you can use one day. For example: to meet an urgent need or to fulfill your desire to purchase an item.

Money-saving tips are something to look out for. Self-saving tips can help you save your money properly.

Money Saving Tip #1: Create two accounts for two different purposes

If you currently only have one account, now is the time to create a second one. With a second account, you can halve your income or money. You can use the first half of your money for your basic needs which need to be deposited into the first account. In the meantime, you make the other half as savings that you need to invest in your other account.


Money Saving Tip #2: Do a financial detox

Maybe you’re a little stranger. But believe me, if the financial detox exists and you can apply it. The method? View your calendar; Mark a few days of the week when you don’t spend your money at all. Example: In a week you mark Saturday and Sunday as days when you don’t spend any money at all.

Follow these savings tips consistently. Yes, at least a year, lah. Well, if you follow these tips for a year, the number of days you don’t spend at all is fine. For example: increased from originally only two days a week to three days a week.


Money Saving Tips #3: Download dedicated money management apps

Currently, there are many Android-based applications dedicated to finance. Some of these applications can help you manage and save your money conveniently. Of course, this makes it easier for you to save your money. Cash Droid, Money Lover, and Financisto are some examples of applications we mean.


Saving Tip #4: Set aside a few percent of your salary

If you like the manual method. Then you can follow these savings tips. Try putting a few percent of your salary aside. It doesn’t have to be 50 or even 70 percent. Just set aside as much as you can; Either 10, 20, or 30 percent. The amount of money you set aside in a piggy bank. Or, if you set up a second savings account, then the money you set aside goes into your second account.


Money Saving Tip #5: Dare to say no to things that make you waste all your money

When you try to save your money, temptations will arise. These temptations will force you to spend all your money. For example temptation of friends to splurge; Shopping; and others like. If this comes to you, try to be brave enough to say no. You certainly don’t want your money-saving efforts to be ruined because of these temptations, do you?


Saving tip #6: Eat and drink at home

One of the temptations that might come your way is going out to eat. This temptation can come from anywhere; whether from a friend’s invitation or very tempting food. Luckily, you handle this temptation well. The method? Eat and drink only at your home. Eating and drinking at home can save you money. And another plus: eating and drinking outdoors is much more hygienic and healthy.


Money Saving Tip #7: Prepare groceries and a menu once a week

These money-saving tips are still related to the previous money-saving tips. This method is carried out if you are already living independently. Decide what type of menu you want to eat. And identify and purchase a range of ingredients to create those foods. Make sure the food ingredients are sustainable or shelf-stable for the next week. So you can spend your shopping money more efficiently.


Money Saving Tip #8: Don’t buy anything because of the trends

New items will always appear as new trends emerge. And people are always tempted to buy items that appear based on these trends. If you want to save money, you should not buy things because they are trendy.

Buying goods based on trends is very risky. In addition to the usual high price, trendy items usually do not last long. Trendy goods are usually very easy to sell or disappear from the market when the goods are no longer trendy. So don’t spend your money on trendy items!


Money Saving Tip #9: Choose a credit card that can give you gifts

Credit cards are one of the triggers for creating waste. And it might be that some of the sources there recommend not to use it. But if you still use a credit card, then be sure to choose the credit card you’re going to use.

Choose a credit card that can give you a range of rates. For example a percentage discount for multiple withdrawals; or cashback for every ten withdrawals. Not only can you save money with these savings tips, but you can also get several benefits from the credit card you are about to use.


Money Saving Tip #10: Find and Choose Free Events

These money-saving tips may sound like an invitation to become a freebies lover. However, is there anything wrong with being a lover of freebies (especially to save money)? Search for free events in your city. Examples: free seminars; free training; or even watching together free football.

These money-saving tips are perfect for those of you who want to attend events in your city but don’t want to spend too much money.


Money-Saving Tip #11: Take a financial management class or read a book on money-saving tips

If some of the previous tips still don’t work, this last tip is a must. Take a financial management training course in your city. Or offered on several websites on the internet. If you’re lazy to attend training/courses, try buying books on money management tips.

By following these tips, you can get money-saving tips that may be more effective for you. Or it is more understandable for you compared to the tips we provided. No matter how much money you make, saving money is a must. Saving money can help you set aside half of the money you might need one day. To help you save money, you can use some money-saving tips that we’ve provided above. Hopefully, with all the tips we give you, you can save your money better, right!

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