12 Easy And Fun Ways To Teach Kids To Read

Remember how Mom and Dad learned to read when they were little? Imperceptibly, now is the time for you to teach kids to read. Parents’ role in children’s learning to read is very important because this learning process starts early at home. Indeed, since your toddler can start to get acquainted with letters and the alphabet, learning to read in children must be playful and not forced. Here are tips on teach kids to read that you can do at home.

How to teach kids to read

teach kids to read

Do you want to start teaching kids to read? See easy and fun ways to spark the following kids’ interest.

1. Use nursery rhymes to introduce letters

Children’s songs are fun and easy to listen to. The rhymes and rhythms help kids hear sounds and syllables, which can help them learn to read. A good way to build phonemic skills is to clap your hands and recite songs in unison rhythmically. This fun activity will help develop children’s reading and writing skills, preparing them to learn to read.


2. Create or buy letter cards

The first phase of learning to read is introducing children to letters. The manner of introduction must also be fun and easily digestible so that children grasp and memorize it more quickly. You can use letter flashcards accompanied by attractive pictures and colours. Imagine how each letter is pronounced correctly, as this greatly affects how the child reads later.


3. Insert some letter and word posters

You can stick several posters around the children’s play corner so that the children get used to seeing letters and word order in everyday life. You can show the letters on billboards, billboards or traffic signs at home and when travelling. This will help the child get used to seeing the letters and sounds of the words they see.


4. Help the child say the sound of the letters

In addition, to introduce your child to the shape of the letters, you must help them understand the sound of the letters and how to pronounce them. The child must know how to read each letter from A to Z.

teach kids to read

5. Teach children to memorize syllables

After the child knows and masters the letters, you can enter the syllable introduction phase. Teach children to memorize the syllables in the consonant letters B through Z, followed by the vowels A, I, U, E, and O. Teach children to memorize these syllables in stages.


6. Read more varied syllables

Next, you can start teaching kids to read syllables, which have more variety but are still easy for kids to pronounce and end in vowels. Examples are a-ple, ma-ma, da-da, and so on. Avoid introducing syllables that end in consonants so children can focus on mastering this stage first.


7. Teach consonants

When the child masters simple syllables or those ending in vowels, you can move on to the next level. You can start introducing and teaching children consonants. Teach how to pronounce letter combinations like “ny” in its suffixes, “ng”, and the like.


8. Use blocks of letters

Besides flashcards, letter or phonetic reading blocks are considered more effective in teaching children to read. Flashcards are designed only to introduce kids to memorization, while letter blocks can teach kids to analyze each letter and word order. How teach kids to read without spelling is more fun and prevents children from being bored.


9. Stick labels on items at home

By labelling objects at home, children become more accustomed to recognizing letters and spelling everyday objects around them. You can put labels with the names of items on home furniture, such as chairs, tables, books, cabinets, refrigerators, doors, etc. Children also learn pronunciation faster and can recognize reading based on the names of objects they already know.

teach kids to read

10. Read on various occasions

You don’t need to spend any special time learning to read; the learning process can be done anywhere and anytime. Too much focus on learning can also make children bored easily and have trouble concentrating for long periods. Make reading a lesson on a variety of occasions. For example, when shopping at a mall or supermarket, you can ask your kids to pick up their favourite food or toy and ask them to read the letters and words on the packaging.

11. Read together every day and ask questions about the contents of the book

Reading children’s books every day has many benefits, you know. They not only show how to pronounce words but also help develop the child’s vocabulary, let the child hear fluent reading, and build the child’s comprehension skills. This activity also fosters a child’s love of books and reading. First, start with easy-to-understand books. Also, choose story books that kids like. This method is considered effective enough to help children learn to read faster.


12. Start teaching children to write

While learning to read, there’s nothing wrong with teaching your child to write. Teaching kids to read and write at the same time is considered one of the fastest ways to teach kids to read. Reading and writing are two inseparable skills. Try teaching children to write with crayons or crayons, which will help them become familiar with letters and numbers. Also, as you write, try to get the child to say the letters they are writing.


These were tips on teach kids to read that you can try at home. Try to remain patient and diligent when teaching children to read, as every child’s ability is different. This article can be a solution for kids to learn to read fast!

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