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The motivation to increase the spirit of learning is divided into two areas, namely, internal motivation and external motivation. Internal motivation is a motivation that comes from within the individual himself. While this motivation is more difficult to develop than external motivation, when one has managed to grow internal motivation within, self-confidence is shaped in a way that leads to a positive attitude and awareness of one’s own needs in learning.

While external motivation is a motivation that comes from outside the individual that can affect the individual. External motivation can come from the environment, the social, rewards or punishments, friends, the role of parents in raising children, and many other things that can affect a person’s motivation to learn.

Everyone needs to better understand themselves and what can motivate them to increase their enthusiasm for learning. Get to know yourself first if you haven’t found a way to overcome your study laziness, or you can try some ways to increase the learning spirit within you:

  1. Hang out with people who are passionate about learning

Friends have a great influence on us, especially if we are with them often, what is their nature or habit, we can be infected with his nature and habits very easily. Lazy friends can make you feel lazy and lazy. Sometimes we are lazy to learn because our friends are lazy to learn too.

On the other hand, friends who are eager to learn to influence us so much that we want to see them emulate them. The positive aura generated can be contagious. So be smart in choosing your friends because friends have a huge impact on our lives. Even if we want to get to know another person that we don’t know, we can see who he or she is friends with, only we can get to know them.


  1. Create a goal to achieve

To achieve goals, it is very important to write down targets. Don’t just remember them because our brains can’t always remember them. Write the goals that we need to achieve on paper, and then stick them in places where we often see them, such as B. closets, or bedroom walls, or write them in your agenda or journal. Writing down the goals that we will achieve, has great power to succeed.


  1. Delay fun

Realize that something that begins with a struggle will surely end with pleasure and happiness. So first put off your pleasure, but replace it with a struggle to learn, even if it tastes bitter, but when we’ve lived it, we’ll feel the pleasure. Learning is fun because we can understand what we want to say. Putting off the fun for a long happily later has nothing to lose because now we are having fun but we don’t know what our future will be like without preparing now so fight with the spirit of learning first.


  1. Prove to people that you’re smart

Everyone has been given the brain power to think, which doesn’t vary much from one person to another. What decides whether we are smart or not is not 100% brain power, but willpower. A person with high will have high motivation to achieve the goal. Prove to people that you are also a person of high will, with this capital you will be motivated to learn. High enthusiasm for learning makes you smarter. Wise people are often defeated by people who are hardworking and high-willed. To prove that you too can be a smart person.


  1. Set learning time

Manage your time in all activities that are carried out. Time management will make you exercise discipline and not act on your own or your heart’s will. Maybe you don’t study when your heart is broken even though you have an exam tomorrow. This should be avoided as the learning still needs to go on. Therefore, make a schedule so that you do not get carried away by the emotions of your heart.

If you look at your study plan, do it, but that doesn’t mean you have to be strict with yourself. If you are sick, you can rest first. If your schedule plays, please use the time to play. By managing your study time, you can focus on your studies as the time for playing, studying, or doing something else has been well separated.


  1. Concentrate for five minutes

The hardest thing about doing something is glorifying it. Sometimes we think doing other things is more convenient and fun, but actually, this is a brain thought that can be manipulated. To avoid difficulties in learning, first, imagine that you study for only 5 minutes and then stop.

Therefore, your brain will be more interested in learning because it’s only for a short time. But after completing the study in 5 minutes, your brain will feel a solace that will make you hesitate to start anything else. But with the caveat that you need to focus on your studies for those first five minutes.


  1. Stop or start in the interesting part

If you’re learning but want to do something like eat or drink, then stop while you’re studying an interesting part. This will motivate you to start studying again after you eat or drink because your mind will be curious about what happens next. This is a trick you can try.


  1. Get rid of or stay away from distractions

Many distractions will tempt you to switch from studying to other activities like watching TV, sleeping, and playing games. So before you start studying, get rid of these things or choose a place to study that is free from these various distractions. This will make your studies more focused.


  1. Make a reward and punishment

Rewards and punishments will fuel your enthusiasm for learning, making you think that if you don’t reach your goal, you will be punished. It’s like forcing yourself to study, but it doesn’t matter because compulsion becomes a habit if you do it continuously for at least 40 days. If you don’t believe it, you can try it yourself.


  1. Stick motivational words on the bedroom wall

Words of motivation when they are posted on the walls of the room are always seen by us, so when we are feeling lazy we see it and revive our spirit. It’s like a reminder to ourselves to get enthusiastic again when we’re lazy.


  1. Use effective study techniques

You need to be wise in using study techniques as it affects our brain in absorbing information and knowledge. Learning more effectively with technology 3 x 1 hour is better than 1 x 3 hours. Therefore, we should study 3 times with a learning time of 1 hour than to study 1 time with a direct learning time of 3 hours.


  1. Learn speed reading techniques

With smart speed reading techniques, we get information and knowledge quickly, especially in this modern era of globalization. Being able to read fast will make you more successful to achieve achievements.


  1. Learn memorization techniques using keywords or acronyms

The brain, when remembering something, will be sharper if it’s short. Then make keywords or acronyms that will help your brain remember lessons so your memory and concentration will improve. This can also spur your learning potential and knowledge is not easily forgotten or lost until you are old you can remember it because it is in the form of an acronym.

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