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Unlike a few years ago, people in Indonesia are now familiarizing themselves with the investment world. Different types of investments are made to get extra money (profit) for their economic needs. One of the emerging trends in society is investing in gold.

In addition to the popular investment vehicle investment funds, gold was chosen because it is considered less risky in the event of an unexpected crisis. Are you interested in investing in this instrument? Learn more about how to invest in gold for beginners by reading our review below.

The importance of knowing how to invest in gold

For this beginner, why do you need to know how to invest in gold? The prospect of investing in Indonesia with the help of gold is increasing. The purchase price of gold is rising steadily despite Indonesia being hit by an economic slowdown.

The minimal risk means that the demand for gold as an investment vehicle continues to rise. But of course, keep doing market research to know for sure about the opportunities ahead.


Types of gold investments

What gold can you use as an investment vehicle? There are currently many types of gold that you can use as an investment. Some types of gold investments include:


Jewelry is usually sold in gold shops

Gold bars from certain gold producers

Online gold products available in e-commerce

Antam Gold Coin

ONH (Hajj Ride Fee) in the form of gold for financial preparation during Hajj

Gold certificate in the form of proof of gold ownership in the bank

Gold investment is one of several types of investments that you can try. According to the latest data, gold investments rank second among the most popular investments in Indonesian society. You can see the chart and full data in the Free Report – The Most Wanted Investment in Indonesia.


Safe ways to invest in gold for beginners

As a beginner just getting into the investing world, especially gold investing, it’s a good idea to know some tips so that you can generate maximum money. Here are some steps.

Determine what the purpose of investing in gold is. There are many investment goals, ranging from saving for retirement to preparing for children’s education to preparing for the cost of marriage. This goal also allows you to set how much income you need to set aside each month and the gold investment period.

Always monitor the price of gold. Although classified as stable, this does not mean that the price of gold has never fallen. Well, when prices fall, this is the best moment for you to buy gold. Then you can resell it when the price of gold starts to rise. However, it is highly recommended if you are investing in gold for the long term of around 5-10 years for maximum results.

Choose a trusted place to buy gold. Every investment must involve a risk of loss and fraud, and gold investing is no exception. So make sure you are buying gold from a trusted official site. Also, check the certificates and papers. One such place is Pegadaian and PT ANTAM.

Store gold in a safe place. You can keep it in a safe deposit box at home or in a safe deposit box (SDB) at a bank. However, there are of course additional costs if you choose SDB.

Be consistent and patient. Nothing is immediately available, and neither are investments. To make profits you need to be patient, consistent, and focused on your goals. As already mentioned, significant cash gains can be achieved after at least 5-10 years of investment.


How to invest in Antams Gold

Antams Gold is one of the gold bars that many people buy. The product safety procedure itself is supported by the presence of the gold detail certificate. How it goes? Check out how to invest in Antams Gold below.


Buy when gold prices are down

Try to buy small grams first until finances increase steadily

Investing as business capital


How to invest gold in the bank

Finding money from gold can also be done at certain banks. They usually offer separate services for clients investing in gold. Here’s how to invest in gold with a bank you can do.


Set goals by using the gold investment method in the bank

Choose a trustworthy bank

Note the conditions and other offers of the bank

Don’t forget to make sure that the gold deposit in the bank is safe

Observe the development of the gold value regularly


How to invest gold in pawn shops

Another alternative is the gold investment method in a pawn shop. what are the steps You can follow some of the points below.


Visit your nearest official Pegadaian store

Or download and open the Digital Pegadaian application on Playstore or Appstore

Complete the Gold Savings Account Application Form

Attach identity in the form of KTP or passport

Wait for the process to complete


Gold investment online application

Not only in banks or pawnshops there is also a trend towards online gold investments, which in a different sense can only be done with mobile devices such as cell phones or laptops.

This type of online gold investment actually makes it easier for you to buy and sell gold whenever and wherever you are. Here are some online gold investing applications that you can use.


Tokopedia Gold

Shopee Gold Savings

Digital Pawn Shop







Pros and cons of investing in gold

As we know, investing in gold is indeed less risky for those of you who are still beginners. But that doesn’t mean that investing in gold is completely free of bad odds. Check out some of the pros and cons of investing in gold in the points below.


Benefits of investing in gold

  1. The value tends to be stable


Gold investing is not a process influenced by the global markets. So the rise and fall in the value of gold is rare. Even if it did happen, the value wouldn’t change drastically.


  1. Payout in easy money


If you need profits that can be converted into cash at any time, then gold is the right investment for you. The process is pretty simple as you just have to exchange it through a gold trading place. On the other hand, investments that companies usually make in the form of shares are rarely paid out in cash.


Disadvantages of investing in gold

  1. Easy to lose

Unlike other types of investments where their investment comes in the form of stocks or cryptocurrencies, Antam typically invests in gold by buying bullion. If not stored properly, it can be easily lost.


  1. Small gain

How to invest in gold is the right step to take if you want to invest over an estimated long period of time. So, this type of investment is suitable for those of you who don’t really expect big profits right away.


As with other investments, investing in and increasing the income from an investment vehicle can have both positive and negative effects. Additionally, identifying other business trends can provide additional insights if it’s the right investment for you. Much luck!

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