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Most parents raise their children hoping that they will grow up to be good, obedient, and respectful children to their parents. Unfortunately, not all children are easy to discipline. Some children prefer to obey their desires, which sometimes go against the rules. Children who often fight are often labeled bad children.

A study found that babies with a mother cry more often than those without a mother. Children become more spoiled when a mother is around, it’s a natural situation.

It is said that mothers symbolize the “need” for children, combining the need for sustenance and survival. This is what makes children misbehave to get their mothers’ attention at all times. The father’s role, on the other hand, can symbolize ‘trust’ and ‘courage’ to take risks when children play.

Children naturally behave differently to get the attention they need. If the child is whimpering or throwing a tantrum and the mother is still paying attention, then that is the reason.

It turns out that an active or hyperactive attitude falls into three types, namely:


Impulsive hyperactivity type

Children with impulsive hyperactivity usually have poor responsiveness. Impulsive behavior is characterized by doing something difficult to control. In addition, children tend to do things recklessly and are often shown to be impatient.


Inattention-Hyperactivity Type

Children with inattention hyperactivity are often unable to fully concentrate, e.g. B. unable to maintain concentration. Also, it is easy to shift attention from one thing to another and difficult to take directions because his attention is constantly shifting, forgetful and confused.


Combined hyperactivity type

Combined hyperactivity is a combination of both. Usually, children pay less attention to activities and follow games or the performance of their chores because their attention is easily divided. Children also often change their minds and do something that is always too active.


However, every parent should know how to most effectively deal with naughty children. The wrong steps can make children even more disobedient and even carry over into adulthood. All this requires patience and the right steps so that the child is easy to handle and obeys the words of the parents. Know the exact steps here!

Some effective ways to deal with bad boys

A child’s normal behavior depends on their age, personality, and physical and emotional development. This can be a problem if it doesn’t meet family expectations. Overall, a child’s behavior can depend on the environment and be influenced by social and cultural influences. Even the role of the parents cannot avoid influencing all the attitudes of their children.

However, not all parents are encouraged to use violence to raise naughty children. Well, here are ways moms can deal with naughty children:


1. Don’t brand it as a bad boy

Every little one is difficult to advise or difficult to lead, mother or father should not scold him the same. Also, to give him the label “bad boy”, “bad boy” and so on. Did you know that the label “bad boy” given by parents can unknowingly hurt the little one’s heart and make him discouraged or even lose faith in his father and mother?

The little one will also feel that his efforts to do good will be in vain because he has been given the naughty label. So, if every child makes a mistake, it is better to approach your little one and slowly understand that his actions are not good. Sit next to her, look her in the eye, and ask why your child is doing things that are considered bad. If you know the reason, mom can give you the right advice. This also allows the child to better understand why they should not do the same in the future.


2. Lead by example

If parents expect good and polite behavior from their children, it’s a good idea to improve yourself first so that you can set a good example. The most effective way to raise children is to set an example through daily behavior, not just lots of advice. When parents contradict the advice they give their children, don’t be surprised if the child doesn’t listen to the advice.


3. Avoid yelling at children in public

If your child makes a mistake in public, resist the urge to verbally abuse and yell at them when there are many people around. Of course, if the mother scolds the child in public, this method is very unwise. The little one can accidentally make the mistake and the mother needs to find the right time and place to advise them.

So try to control your emotions and put your child in a quieter space. Then ask nicely when dealing with children who are being naughty. After that, only his mother can give him careful advice. This method is more effective in getting the child to acknowledge and regret their mistakes rather than ranting, which makes them even more depressed.


4. Make rules and impose severe sanctions

If the child is still naughty and stubborn, even though you’ve advised them many times and set an example, then it’s best to set the rules. Then give the child sanctions if they break these rules. For example, my mother set a rule that only limits the game to 8 p.m. Well, if he is still naughty and doesn’t want to stop when the time limit is reached, then the mother can punish him and not allow him to play again for a certain time. Of course, parents are not encouraged to use violence to discipline their children because it would only hurt them and make them wilder.


5. Don’t give tolerance too often

If the mother made the rules and set the sanctions, then do it according to the rules made. Don’t give your child too much tolerance when they break the rules. The more often you show him tolerance, the more your little one will underestimate the rules and become more difficult to follow.

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