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For those of you whose hobby is self-gratification, even if it’s just a rush unknowingly, you may need a way to overcome wastefulness under the guise of self-gratification. Because such habits should be abolished if you don’t want to run out of money every month.

Considering the need for self-reward

Today, habits such as self-rewarding are particularly common among office workers. This habit is good sometimes because it should be a form of self-appreciation for whatever you’ve been through at work. However, it seems that “excessive” self-rewards can boomerang for themselves, especially for personal financial matters.

Because as you know, the usual self-rewards are mostly about fashion shopping, travel, or at least food and drink. Self-rewarding shouldn’t just be about wasting money. Such a habit looks like a waste, but under the guise of “self-reward”.


How to overcome waste under the guise of self-reward

How, then, to overcome waste under the guise of self-reward? If something similar happened to you, then it is important that you carefully study the information that CekAja is going to share at this point. And without further ado, here is the information that CekAja aggregates from many sources for you and other readers on how to overcome waste under the guise of self-reward.


  1. Make the right budget

How to overcome self-reward frog waste, the first and most important thing you need to understand is budgeting. Why is that? Because, as you know, most of today’s office workers’ self-reward concepts have “money” to do with them.

And you? Is it similar to the previously mentioned concept? If so, then it’s important to set a budget so you don’t feel like you’re running out of money every month. Well, the purpose of setting a budget here is how to create a budget that will be used for self-reward.

This budget should have a maximum limit, such as taking about 10 to 20 percent of your monthly income. Do not exceed what has been set. Especially if you need to shred your savings or take out an emergency loan from the bank just because you want to fulfill your self-gratification desires. Remember, the self-reward is temporary, you’re bound to get dizzy afterward, especially if the budget used exceeds your financial limit.


  1. Determine the priority scale

Budgeting aside, you also need to understand that when it comes to overcoming waste under the guise of self-reward, there is something of a “priority scale.” Yes, the priority scale here can be in the form of goods or things that are important and necessary. Don’t let the desire for self-gratification make you waste money buying everything you want and don’t need just because you’re hungry.

So from now on, if you want to gratify yourself based on self-gratification, try to consider whether something you want is useful and pleasurable to you, or just a pseudo-desire.


  1. Don’t overwhelm yourself

Many people long to reward themselves but forget that they are trying too hard. Such conditions cannot be tolerated when we talk about overcoming waste under the guise of self-reward. It’s not impossible to reward yourself. There are only limits that you should understand, especially when it comes to financial matters.

Because you worry that if you force your will too much, the self-reward will eventually lead to new problems, such as B. deteriorating financial circumstances. Instead of being happy after giving yourself a treat, it ends up being miserable because you have to be super frugal.


  1. Lower prestige

The next way to overcome extravagance under the guise of self-reward is to disobey or lower prestige. Remember that you want to reward yourself first, the goal is to appreciate yourself for what you have done during work. Not the other way around, by obeying prestige just because of your circle of friends or because you want to follow trends that are popular with the public at the moment. If you think like this, you will not be happy, but unhappy because of the wasted time and money.


  1. Don’t routinely follow it

Another example of the wrong assumption of rewarding yourself. This is done regularly every month. While it’s clear how to break waste under the guise of self-reward, this type of habit shouldn’t always be followed. If there isn’t a need that you want to fulfill solely for masturbation, then you’d better save the money again. This way you can reduce your spending and save it for possible use when it is needed.


  1. Not everything has to be with “money”.

The next way to overcome extravagance under the guise of self-gratification is to change your mindset. The point here is that you don’t have to make yourself happy with money to reward yourself. There are many more things you can do to make yourself happy, which is commonly referred to as me-time. Such habits are also part of the self-reward, which certainly does not have to spend a lot of money and is even easy on the budget.


  1. Use guesswork, why not?

The last way to overcome waste under the guise of self-reward is to rely on the installment feature. Note, however, that this option should only be run if what you want is needed. You also need to consider your financial situation. The ideal proportion of outside capital is usually in the range of 30 percent. In addition, of course, the risk of default is accepted until the finances are exhausted. For example, her salary is about IDR 5 million, which means that the maximum debt limit is IDR 1.5 million. Oh yeah, if you’re using the installment feature, especially to buy expensive items, you should consider the installment term, the interest, and your ability to pay the installments each month.


Self-rewards are important, but don’t forget to be financially smart!

Well, those are some ways to overcome waste under the guise of self-reward. You can make this type of habit, only the portion must be right and not exceed your financial situation. Additionally, it is important to balance self-reward and financial literacy. That means it’s not just about making yourself happy at this moment, you also need to be financially smart by adopting the habit of saving. It is a good habit to start doing when you are young so that your financial situation will remain stable in old age and not even get worse. In addition to the manual savings method, you can also save with a savings account at a bank.

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