7 Ways to Prepare Children For Natural Disasters

Everyone wants to live safely and without natural disasters. However, nature could have said otherwise. Nor can you prevent it if a natural disaster occurs one day. Because of this, you and your family need to prepare for natural disasters. In addition to adults, children also need an understanding of natural disasters. Early education can be your first step to making children aware of natural disasters. The presence of education, in the beginning, will not only make him panic but also make him better prepared to cope with disasters. Here are some tips you can follow to prepare children for natural disasters.


Tips to prepare children for natural disasters

1. Provide age-appropriate facts about the disaster

Every parent will panic when some disaster or natural disaster hits the area where the family lives. However, it is good not to panic in front of children. Panic will only cause him to feel excessive anxiety. Worse, he had trouble sleeping simply because he feared that while he was fast asleep, disaster would suddenly strike if there was certainty about natural disasters that may occur in his home area. There’s nothing wrong with telling your child about this situation and prepare children for natural disasters without looking panicked.

The information about this natural disaster must be adapted to the child’s age. If you are young and don’t get it, it’s good to be able to do it through an activity, a game, or by reading books about natural disasters. For children who already know enough about natural disasters, you can approach it through discussion. Speak up and provide understanding on matters related to natural disasters.


2. Avoid making children feel traumatized

If a child is not used to natural disasters, there must be a sense of excessive fear. To avoid causing undue fear and trauma to him, try not to reveal the news of this natural disaster overly. Just tell him according to the portion so he understands what’s happening. They must also prevent children from showing television or other online media, so they are only sometimes seen. This will only increase his fear and even shape his sense of trauma.

prepare children for natural disasters

3. Make children a characters ready to face disasters

After you manage to tell a story about a natural disaster that is happening, the child will get scared. Especially if, at some point, he felt a natural disaster. You should reassure him of his fears as much as possible. You can be calm, but that doesn’t mean you can make promises about things that can’t be controlled, like this natural disaster. Sentences like “Don’t worry, the tide won’t reach our house”. The sentence was indeed reassuring. But this is just a moment, and you will not be able to predict how far and how big the catastrophe could happen. You need to be able to prepare children for disasters rather than spoiling them so that they become unwary in the event of a disaster.


4. Plan for all contingencies that may arise

Coping with natural disasters is not something to be taken lightly. You and your family should be able to talk about the problem of natural disasters happening at the moment to foresee all the bad possibilities. Think together about natural disasters that could reach your neighborhood. Before this happens, it is necessary to overcome and prepare children for natural disasters all of this. Do you want to stay in the area you live in or seek shelter outside of the home? Talk about what could happen if you stay indoors. Then what evacuation plan should you use when leaving the house? Are you staying at an evacuation post or instead going to a relative who was not affected by a natural disaster?

prepare children for natural disasters

5. Make preparations if you want to evacuate

If you and your family want to evacuate to a safe place, it means proper preparation is required. Prepare all the equipment that needs to be brought before a disaster reaches the residential area. You can also involve children in the preparation. Your child will also need to participate in their stuff, although they may still need your help. In addition to all the preparations for packing for the evacuation, this can be completed more quickly. He will gradually learn to build confidence in dealing with natural disasters.


6. Practice for cover

Natural disaster that will certainly never be unexpected when it happens. The catastrophe could have come so quickly beyond all expectations. To anticipate a disaster before you and your family can be evacuated safely. It is a good idea to do the exercises when circumstances require you and your family to take shelter indoors. Also, offer tips if the situation forces you to leave the house. Then share how you can communicate with rescue workers when a disaster happens. It also helps children be better prepared to protect themselves from natural disasters.

prepare children for natural disasters

7. Introduction of mutual aid

When a natural disaster strikes, everyone will panic. They will all try to protect themselves and their own families. While you must be able to save yourself, you must also teach your children to help others. In any circumstances that arise during a disaster, he must be taught to help other family members or when he sees other people in trouble.


Everyone must have the same goal to get out of a disaster, but you can still be generous about wanting to save yourself. By introducing the concept of helping one another, children learn to be more positive individuals. You can do some of the things above to prepare children for natural disasters when faced with it. Stay alert and teach children about disasters. I hope this article is useful for you!

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