7 Ways To Teach Tolerance To Children That Are Easy To Understand

Do you know how to teach tolerance to children? This is important, considering that there are many tribes, cultures, and religions in this world. You may have seen racist behavior or even insults to religion in the comments section on social media. This is a sign that religious tolerance is still very low. If the path of instilling tolerance in children is not done from an early age, children can grow up into individuals with radical and narrow-minded thoughts.

Tolerance is an attitude of openness and respect for differences between people. Although originally used to refer to ethnic and religious differences. The concepts of diversity and tolerance can also be applied to gender, people with physical and mental disabilities, and other differences. Tolerance means respecting and learning from others, valuing differences, bridging cultural gaps, rejecting unfair stereotypes, finding common ground, and forging new bonds. Behavior that disrespects or hurts others, such as cruelty, bullying, or behavior that violates social norms (e.g., lying or stealing), should not be tolerated.

Since tolerance is a very important basic attitude, it must be conveyed to children early. Don’t let children think old-fashioned and think that other people who are different from them are wrong and deserve to be insulted and even cursed. Come on, start teach tolerance to children and religious tolerance in this simple way:


How to teach tolerance to children

1. Teach them not to judge people by their religion

Your parents may have told you often not to judge someone based on their religion alone. This teaching is true because a person’s religion cannot be used as an absolute measure of a person’s personality. The way to teach tolerance to children is to give them the freedom to play with anyone, regardless of religion. Tell your child to pay attention to more important things, like how a person behaves and treats others. So they will later understand that a person’s good or bad is not determined by his religion. The role of parents is very important here to support them.

Teach Tolerance To Children

2. Understand that the world is full of diversity

The world is big and consists of billions of people of different races and ethnicities. If we teach them to be narrow-minded, how can children understand the importance of religious tolerance? You can teach diversity to children from a young age by getting them to experience various regional traditions and cultures. Remember to give a sign that we can keep in touch and build brotherhood with people of other cultures or religions than ours.


3. Avoid bad debates and talk about religion

When it comes to debates and bad talk about religion, we see it on social media, right? There’s bound to be a lot of fuss, from customs and traditions to trivial things that don’t need to be discussed. Avoid discussing religion or culture in the presence of children as much as possible. This is very important so that he doesn’t grow up to hate and make fun of other people’s religions.


4. Provide real examples of religious tolerance

How you teach tolerance to children is no less important. Being a true example of religious tolerance is certainly an absolute duty of parents. There is no point in teaching children foaming at the mouth about religious tolerance but providing examples of contradictory behavior. Try inviting children to keep in touch with neighbors of other religions. Let him see you smile, interact and bond with these neighbors. The more you do it, and the more children will understand that religious tolerance is peaceful and beautiful.

Teach Tolerance To Children

5. Teaches empathy

It is not enough to verbally teach tolerance to children. Teaching tolerance to children must come from the heart. Tell the kids that we need to develop empathy and sympathy for others. This is behavior that shows we respect and value the presence of others. Most importantly, always teach children the habit of doing good to someone. You can also set an example for your child to judge someone solely on their behavior and personality and not just on their religion.


6. Participate in groups

Give kids time to explore the world around them. This is a method of teach tolerance to children that is no less important. Sign your child up for social events, playgrounds, preschools, and daycare. Later they will learn to connect with different personalities of people. At this age, it is time for children to start interacting with other people. They can also introduce children with special needs to schools. This is a way of tolerance that many people are not aware of! From this, too, children can experience gratitude for what they have.


7. Listen to others

Teach tolerance to children can be as simple as listening to other people’s stories. Rasmussen University’s founding of letting people tell their stories and listening to them can show children that everyone deserves respect. This seems trivial, but there are still many people who don’t. Not infrequently, such small things can become a problem, for example, not listening to what others say. It can spark a big fight, just like in a household. Imagine a mother or father who cannot listen to a child’s problems. Teach the children to always allow others to talk to and listen to them.


When parents encourage tolerance in their children, they talk about good values and model good behavior. Then children will automatically follow in their parent’s footsteps. Do you have other ways to teach tolerance to children in social life?

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