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If we look back a little, the notion of investing means sacrificing funds or assets that are currently owned to get more results in the future within a given period. The goals that are usually owned by an investor are, for example, preparation for a financially secure life in retirement, business interests, or the educational needs of family members.

So how do you choose an investment? First, you will learn about different types of investment opportunities that can be customized according to your needs and current conditions. The explanation for each type is as follows.


This property can be in the form of buildings (houses, commercial buildings, or apartments) and land. The value of the building may decrease with age, but the value of the land increases relatively every year. Real estate investments have their pros and cons.

To increase monthly or annual income, a building can be rented out. Due to the tendency to increase in value earlier, this form of investment also involves a low risk of loss. However, to start investing, you will need large funds because you need to build or buy a house and land. In addition, if you suddenly need money, you will find it difficult due to its nature, which is not easy to collect.



If someone asks what form of investment is popular in Indonesia, one of the answers is gold or precious metals. Its nature, which is easy to redeem or sell (liquid) and long-lived, makes an investment in gold even more desirable. Gold itself is not only popular as jewelry but is also considered a very profitable investment opportunity. The reason for this is that gold investment is an item that tends to increase in price and rarely experiences a significant decrease.

Assets that rarely change, buys and sells that can be made anywhere, and relatively affordable capital are just some of the conveniences you can feel about investing in gold. However, the value of gold can go down. In addition, unlike real estate, gold cannot provide additional income to its owner either.


Stock Shares

Stock investing means investing in a specific company. With these shares, you benefit from profits based on the number of shares you hold (dividends). Stock values are uncertain as they can change daily.

When there is gain, there is also loss. Stocks have high returns compared to other forms of investment. However, fluctuating stock values and the bankruptcy of the company you invest in mean you have a high chance of losing.



Another term for bonds is debt. But in this case, it is the investor who is making the loan to the company or the government. The borrower will return the interest and the share capital to you within a certain period.

Despite the secure income – especially when the borrower is the government – the returns on this type of bond investment are relatively low. Then the fixed-rate payout period makes the investor useless, even in an emergency.


Investment funds

Investing in mutual funds is highly recommended for novice investors who do not have in-depth knowledge about choosing and investing. Here, professionals called investment managers manage your money through a variety of investments, including stocks, bonds, and deposits.

You will be charged an administration fee. For the initial value range to invest, IDR 100,000 is very possible as you are not alone when you start investing (along with other investors).


Investment vs Inflation

A country’s economic situation is said to be inflated when the value of the currency falls, leading to an increase in the overall price of goods. So what does that have to do with the choice of investment form?

Several cases demonstrate that savings/cash and time deposits with banks are not ideal investment vehicles as their interest rate is not in line with percentage inflation. So, based on that fact, you should start figuring out what types of investments are capable of covering inflation so that you don’t suffer losses.


Are there other investment alternatives?

No more familiar than investing in gold and stocks or others, but this investment system is increasingly in demand by many investors in Indonesia. Its name is crowdfunding. Derived from English Crowd for crowd and funding for funding.

Simply put, this system uses the concept of “Gotong Royong” funding through an online platform (on the network) or online. As the name suggests, several investors will contribute funds to a project. Since the number of investors is relatively large, the funds invested do not have to be in large amounts.

When investing with a crowdfunding system, the risk of loss in the profit-sharing agreement between the funder and the creator can be minimized by better understanding the project to be carried out. The industry that has often needed this system is the creative industry.

This is a description of the types of investments commonly found in Indonesia. After understanding the pros and cons of each type, the next step in choosing an investment is to tailor the choice to your conditions and desires.

These things can be seen from the aspect of income, goals, and commitment in making investments to calculating profit and loss.

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