Do you want to read other people’s body language? Do it like this!

It is common for people to communicate with others only through their body’s facial expressions or without speaking. Even without spoken words, these body expressions can also be a form of communication, reflecting a person’s message or feelings. A simple example of body language is using the thumbs-up gesture to show agreement with the other person. Unfortunately, not everyone can read and understand the meaning of other people’s body language, as the meaning is sometimes different in one area from another. This can be influenced by cultural differences in the region in question. It is very interesting to learn how to read other people’s body language. A person’s body language shows what to say without saying a word. You can also guess if someone is telling the truth by reading body language. You can also better understand the situation.

Facial expressions, gestures, and posture are part of body language for non-verbal communication. All of this, according to experts, shows up reflexively or unconsciously when someone conveys something. Body language or gestures are universal. That means all people use it without being restricted by language differences. Therefore, body language is considered more meaningful than verbal language, which consists only of words. Learning to read other people’s body language can gauge a person’s personality, character, honesty, and even real feelings. Here are some things you should do to read other people’s body language. So what forms of body language are commonly used by individuals when communicating? How do we read each other’s gestures to understand the meaning of their thoughts? Lest you get confused about body language, let’s check out the review below!


Reading other people’s body language

1. Pay attention to his facial expression

Facial expressions are part of body language. You can tell a person’s feelings by looking at their facial expressions. The words uttered by a person can be untrue or a lie. However, the expression she showed was more indicative of the actual situation. A study published in Frontiers in Human Neuroscience shows that facial expressions can show a person’s believability, friendliness, and intelligence. Examples of emotions expressed through facial expressions are happiness, sadness, anger, surprise, confusion, fear, contempt, surprise, and so on.

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2. Observe the movement of his eyes

The proverb says: “The eyes are the windows to the heart.” Yes, that’s right. The reason is that the eyes can show what a person is feeling or thinking. The mouth can lie, but the eyes cannot lie. Attention to these eye movements can be a way of reading other people’s body language. Someone who maintains eye contact when speaking to you means they are interested in the topic being discussed. However, if the eye contact is long and sharp, it could appear menacing. Frequent looking away indicates that the person is annoyed, uncomfortable, or trying to hide something. The person who blinks faster is feeling pressured, uncomfortable, or lying. The darker part in the center of the eye (pupil) enlarges, indicating that the person is interested or aroused by the object they see. Big eyes show that the person is surprised or scared. Slightly squinting eyes indicate that the person is investigating something.


3. Watch his lips move

A smile does not always mean joy or happiness. There are many emotions and meanings behind a smile. One way to read a people’s body language is to pay attention to these lip movements:

  • Biting your lip indicates feelings of worry, anxiety, fear, insecurity, and stress.
  • Pursing lips indicates disapproval, disbelief, or dislike.
  • The corners of the mouth droop, indicating disapproval or sadness.
  • Drooping lips indicate contempt, contempt, or condescension toward another person.


4. Pay attention to his movements

Gestures are the clearest and easiest to understand people’s body language. Take an example: waving your hand, clenching your fist, pointing, or making a V-sign with your finger. However, the way of reading body language through gestures has a different meaning in all countries. For example, the “thumbs up” gesture. This gesture can be interpreted as appreciation for someone, but it also has another meaning that is up to you in Iran. Not only that, but a thumbs up is also a sign that you need a ride on a passing vehicle. Another example: In India, people are used to speaking with a shake of the head. Not as a sign of disapproval but to underscore his words.

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5. Observe the position of the hands and feet

Observing the position of the arms and legs can also be used to read other people’s body language. For example, someone who crosses their arms intends to defend or protect themselves. Crossing your arms in front of your chest indicates authority, boredom, or anger. Meanwhile, crossing legs is shown when someone needs privacy. Flicking your toes or moving your feet quickly indicates feelings of restlessness, boredom, impatience, or stress.


6. Look at his posture

Posture can be a way of reading people’s body language. This can show a person’s personality. People who sit upright show that they are focused and attentive to what they are doing. While people sitting with their bodies bent forward or to the other side, indicate boredom and indifference. People with an open and straight posture usually have an open and friendly nature. Conversely, people with stooped posture show discouragement, doubt, or fear.


This is an overview of body language and forms a person typically uses, particularly in non-verbal communication. Do you often pay attention to other people’s body language during conversations? Hope this article is useful!

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