How To Increase Brain Intelligence

How can you increase brain intelligence to be smarter? Are you people who often forget? Do you have to rely on notes even for a few articles in the supermarket? Regardless of age, human memories sometimes always forget something important, be it in long-term or short-term memories. Sometimes, when we get a lot of information, our brains feel full and our minds empty. Therefore, many teachers recommend learning only a little if they want an exam.

Although many believe that a person’s intelligence can be measured based on IQ, several methods exist to improve a person’s cognitive skills and become more effective. With appropriate motivation and determination, everyone can develop their skills to be smarter. If you apply new habits in your routine activities and provide proper stimulation, you can quickly sharpen your intelligence and inspire you daily to face new challenges. Brain health is one of the essential keys. Here are opportunities to improve the brain’s intelligence and food that can become healthier.


How to increase brain intelligence

1. Visit a new place

A visit to a new place is not only outside the city or abroad. To take a new café by studying in a new café or returning from work. Shifting is perfect for the brain. You may not be used to it. You cannot order the usual menu if you have just visited the café. You have to learn the café menu, choose something you have never tried, and decide. However, it looks like that’s something unusual for you. When you travel to other countries, listen to a new language and distinctive customs and present a strange new rhythm of life. Adapting to new things will force our brains to overcome unexpected challenges.


2. Reading

Reading is the most basic way to increase brain intelligence and activity, but reading often offers the most diverse ways to increase brain capacity. Reading helps you by introducing new vocabulary, presenting examples of the use of suitable grammar, and showing how a sentence is well written. Reading is not limited to books or reading non-fictional works. You can read literature, history, or even non-fiction books. In this way, reading is an alternative way to move the brain to a new place.

When reading, the brain will imagine by introducing how this person, the place in reading, and other experiences are explained. When reading the messages will also be the case. Place half an hour every morning or night to read or see. News can help the brain to stay active. The digestion of new information is a good habit that can be used daily. A new exciting topic is introduced in the news and will force the brain to turn to further information.

increase brain intelligence

3. Write

As with reading, writing has a variety of advantages. Based on enriching vocabulary, grammatical skills, and use of words in the correct sentence. Writing helps the brain to obtain information more effectively and to develop better memory skills. A study showed that pupils in schools who regularly record lessons in class receive better grades during the exam.

In addition, writing can also relieve stress. Try to write a diary before going to bed every night. Write down the things you have emphasized for the whole day. If you write it indirectly, you know the cause of the stress and can relieve the fear so that you can rest more easily.


4. Avoid handphone

Nowadays, technology is something important in everyday life. Many of us will see his cell phone when he wakes up. Even now, we can only order food from mobile phones. It is undeniable that technology is one of the miracles of the modern world today. In some cases, however, dependence on technology will inhibit the brain’s ability to solve problems and adapt to the new environment.

increase brain intelligence

5. Promote creativity

The artistic way of thinking can create new opportunities to find solutions, inspiration, and self-confidence. The combination of these elements in both private and professional environments enables ordinary people to become stronger through innovative thinkers. Creativity is like muscles. Creativity has to be trained every day. If you only train once a week, the muscles do not develop as well as creativity.

To promote creativity, you can first assume that you are not a creative person. You must always say creatively to be able to do how much you strive in your subconscious. Try to create a daily diary to keep your mind up and running. Do not be ashamed of your ideas. Write down all the ideas you have.


6. Draw or paint

You can be an artist to discover the advantages of drawing. Besides increase brain intelligence, drawing or painting also preserves eye and hand coordination. A synapse signal is sent to the neurotransmitter to deviate more permanent and more evident memory—no wonder we were often taught with many pictures when we were little. Drawing is a healthy brain activity for humans.

increase brain intelligence

7. Play musical instruments

Learning to play musical instruments also has extraordinary advantages for the brain. Hand and eye coordination, memory, and concentration increase by playing musical instruments. Although some musical instruments have different difficulty levels, all musical instruments can make improvement and cognitive function easier. Complex music parts are trained if you play the instrument with your fingers. Calculating beats and listening to the sound forces different regions in the brain to work together to create a pleasant tone to hear.


8. Increase the intensity of the movement

Studies show that people who often practice regularly have higher IQs than people who rarely perform physical activity. Training also triggers the growth of brain cells. In addition, movement can also increase dopamine so that it is a bit more healthy to it and has good concentration and more energy.

During training, the capacity of the heart and lungs gets better so that the brain becomes more oxygen supply. Although training is exhausting or even feels challenging, exercise has long-term advantages in your life. You can do the sport you like, e.g., basketball, running, swimming and archery.


These are some tips that you can use to increase brain intelligence. With appropriate motivation and determination, everyone can develop their skills to be smarter. So feel free to start new habits. Hopefully, this article will help you!

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