How To Increase Children’s Brain Intelligence

Having a bright child is surely every parent’s dream. However, a few parents still need to understand how to increase children’s brain intelligence. A child’s intelligence is affected by their relationship with parents, experiences, and the environment in which they live.

Did you know that 75% of the nutrients enter a child’s body help support brain development? Or do you know that 80% of children’s brain development occurs rapidly in the first three years of life? With affection, hugs, kisses, and nutrition provided by the parents, small games are supported by the parents for the growth and development of the child’s brain.


How to increase children’s brain intelligence

1. Meet the food intake

Childhood is a time when the brain experiences rapid growth. Brain development is greatly affected by the diet and food intake you provide. To increase children’s brain intelligence, you can offer them healthy and nutritious foods such as eggs, fish, meat, milk, fruits and vegetables. Good nutrition for child brain development is:

  • egg; According to some experts, eggs contain good protein to increase children’s concentration while learning new things.
  • yoghurt; The fat in yoghurt can improve brain development and help the information system in the brain. You can give yoghurt mixed with fibre (pieces of fruit) and dark chocolate, which can help improve blood flow to the brain.
  • Green vegetables, such as spinach and kale, contain good vitamins and folic acid. In addition, these two vegetables contain good antioxidants that can support the development of children’s brain cells.
  • seafood; Fish contains a good source of vitamin D and omega-3, which promote memory in children. They can offer different kinds of fish for kids, like salmon, tuna and sardines.
  • nuts and seeds, such as wheat, contain many fatty acids, vitamins and minerals that can maintain mood and improve the child’s nervous system performance.
  • oatmeal; The protein found in oatmeal can support heart and cerebral artery health. Research says that kids who eat oatmeal every breakfast have been shown to have better concentration and memory in school than those who don’t.


2. Painting

Increase Children's Brain Intelligence

Painting or colouring can help increase children’s brain intelligence. Painting can train children’s hand and eye coordination and agility. Drawing trains children to use their hands and helps develop sensory skills.

3. Listen to music

Introducing children to various musical instruments from an early age is good to increase children’s brain intelligence. Listen to music can stimulate language acquisition, language ability, and reading ability and of course increase brain intelligence. Learning a musical instrument can also improve learning ability and improve grades in school.


4. Introduction to reading habits

The more children read, the more intelligent they will be. Introduce them to different kinds of books early, surround them with different reading books, or read them with different story books to develop their interest and increase their brain intelligence and imagination. In addition, reading can also improve children’s perspectives and learning abilities. You can read a story and then ask questions to see how he reacts and feels.


5. Invite children to play

Interacting with children is the key to helping their brains develop and increasing their brain intelligence. Inviting and accompanying children to play is the first task for parents. Playing with parents can teach children many things. Playing with children allows parents to develop cooperation, and friendships, work in teams and build relationships later when they grow up. These play moments offer children the opportunity to practice and, over time, master their cognitive, communication and social-emotional skills while they are at school.


6. Have a healthy breakfast in the morning

Increase Children's Brain Intelligence

Based on research conducted in Germany. It is well known that breakfast in the morning enables children to improve their memory. Give children a healthy breakfast of fruit, whole grains, and foods high in protein and calcium.


7. Learn about children’s omega-3 intake

Omega-3 fatty acids can improve cognitive aspects in children. In addition, omega-3 can also support children’s immune systems, so they do not get sick as quickly. You can get omega-3 sources from fish and seeds.


8. Make sure you take vitamins

Not only are fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants, but they can also protect children’s brain development. Research in England shows that children who regularly eat fruit and vegetables have a higher IQ. Aside from being healthy, fruits and vegetables can also boost a child’s IQ.

9. Invite children to exercise

Increase Children's Brain Intelligence

Physical activity can help increase children’s brain intelligence and improve brain quality. A study at the Medical College of Georgia found that children who are obese and then exercise experience improvements in cognitive function. So you like to invite children to exercise, in addition to health, it can also increase their intelligence.


10. Make sure the child gets enough sleep

Sleep affects the development of cognitive aspects such as memory, problem solving and decision-making. Children who sleep well have good intelligence. Therefore, you should set a time limit so that children can get enough sleep.


Giving attention to parents and family and responding to and interacting with children will help increase children’s brain intelligence. This is why teaching children from birth to speak, sing, read and play is so important. The aim is to allow them to discover the world, develop skills and improve children’s crafts.

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