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Being an alpha generation parent is not easy and is a challenge in itself. Whereby this generation is considered to be the smartest than the previous generation with various technological refinements. Hence, you often have a hard time with how best to raise your children to have a bright future.

Please note that the Alpha generation is children born between 2010 and 2024. This naming is due to the previous Generation Z or Net generation being born between 1998 and 2010. You need to provide knowledge and mental ability as the challenges you will face will be much greater.

This first generation is very different from the previous ones, being used to using technology in different areas. As you know, technology has a positive impact or benefit. But conversely, your role is very important to become fast, great, intelligent, and open-minded.


Generation Alpha traits you need to know

The first traits are that they were born with a passion for creating technology with various sophistications where everything is readily available. Gadgets have been part of their life since their childhood and they are used to using them in their daily life without any problems. Technological changes like these make them more transformative than ever.


The second feature is that today the Alpha generation is considered the most influential in human life. They are still quite young and can affect the global economy. There is an opinion that these children spend millions of dollars on consumer goods, toys, clothes, and the latest tech gadgets.

The third feature is the very rapid technological advances that space and time cannot limit the Alpha generation. Technology will greatly influence the learning style, daily interactions, and also material in school. No wonder they get more information and friends, so they are considered the smartest.

Ways to Raise Generation Alpha Children

As already explained, children are very different during this period, so the way of raising them should not be the same. Even at this time, parents may be more ignorant than those who are little. But it never hurts to know some of the most appropriate ways to raise kids.

1. Religious education must have priority

Free access to different information sometimes makes children unable to distinguish between good and wrong. In the alpha generation, parents should provide religious education, which must be prioritized. So that they can distinguish between positive and negative influences and not take a wrong step in life in adulthood.


2. Restrict Gadgets

Alpha-generation gadgets have indeed become part of everyday life and almost everyone has their own. Still, parents need to set limits when using gadgets to allow children to develop. Give him educational games that can help him become more creative and develop.


3. Teach children to socialize

Most of the alpha generation’s problems are difficulties in socializing because they are too individual. So continue to teach children to socialize in small settings like family. So that they can easily adapt later when they have entered the school environment or a larger area.


Four tips for raising children to be independent

The process of raising children has always been an impressive thing for parents, one of which is raising children to be independent at an early age.

Introducing children to new things and giving them the confidence to make decisions can be a way to encourage children to grow independently so they feel more confident doing things on their own.

As children grow older, they will get used to doing their activities independently because parents give them the confidence to do it themselves from an early age.


Here are four tips for raising children to be independent:

1. Children can be introduced to new things

The first thing parents can do to help raise children to be independent individuals is to try to introduce them to new things. This method can help children not be afraid to make decisions.


2. Teach children to make decisions

As parents, songs should not force children to make certain choices, if they continue to do so, children will be uncomfortable even if they cannot sincerely fulfill their obligations, but parents can give children the freedom to choose, but still, be given direction.


3. Appreciate every effort the child is going through

When a child manages to develop a courageous and independent attitude, parents need to praise them. While every child experiences failure, children also deserve praise from their parents.


4. Don’t compare yourself to other kids

Parents must give trust, every effort children make is a process to achieve the desired results, the goal is that they can learn from failure and success so that children can become independent.


Being a parent is not easy, especially with the development of an increasingly modern and challenging era. But it never hurts if you keep learning how to be a parent who can raise children. Especially the alpha generation like today, who have been smarter about technology since they were born.

In addition, parents can give children confidence and freedom from an early age to allow children to express what children want since parents only guide and supervise without coercion from parents.

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