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The development of the franchise business is always interesting to discuss, especially when it comes to sales that can reach millions. Until now, the franchise business or franchise is still chosen by many people who want to do business in a relatively more practical way.

To start a franchise business, all you have to do is “invest”, i.e. invest. In this way, licenses are obtained from franchisees for the use of product brands, outlet designs, raw material supply, operational standards, staff training, and outlet promotions. You can run a business and market products according to applicable standards.

10 Types of Franchises Worth Trying

  1. Drinks

For beginners, a beverage franchise business can be tried as a first step in raising money. The reason for this is that the human need for drinking water of any kind is not going to stop. You just have to consider the type of drink that is being sold. If the location is near a school, you can choose a beverage franchise such as fresh fruit juice, milk, or tea. If it’s near a campus area or even a boarding house for office workers, a more expensive and fancy beverage franchise like coffee can be chosen. Don’t forget to run interesting promotions and menu creations in certain months so that customers are always curious.


  1. food

Besides beverages, the food franchise business will always be profitable and coveted by buyers. You can join the flour-fried chicken franchise that tastes the best and fits on the tongue. Can also sell a menu that almost everyone likes. When it comes to food, you don’t stick to local dishes either. There are now many franchises that offer special menus such as Korean barbecue, burgers with lots of cheese, and healthy poke bowls with salmon and organic vegetables. Choose the one that fits your market and your interests. Remember, don’t sell food you don’t want to eat yourself.


  1. Snack

Admit it, a lot of people like snacks. For those of you who don’t want to take the high risk of selling heavy groceries, a snack food franchise is worth trying. In addition to the large selection of dishes offered, the prices also vary. This allows you to adjust to the purchasing power in the vicinity of the place of business.

You can try everyone’s favorite snacks like waffles, kebabs, or crepes with different toppings. Want something different from other snacks? You can choose a Korean-style sweet and spicy fried chicken franchise or a vegan snack.


  1. Hair Salon

The barbershop franchise business is now receiving more attention from equity owners as demand for it continues to grow. Men are also increasingly relying on the appearance of trendy and well-groomed hair. For those of you interested in trying this store, some thorough research is required lest the store be left dead in the middle of the road.

Every barbershop has its unique concept. Choose the concept that best suits your taste as an investor. Don’t forget to do thorough research on the raw materials and product suppliers used by the barbershop, from shampoo, and pomade to other treatment creams.


  1. Forwarding & Logistics

Online businesses involving the delivery of goods via services are now springing up everywhere. So there is nothing wrong with aiming for a shipping service franchise that is sure to make a lot of profit. Just use your own house, rent a rented house, or even a commercial building to start a business.

In addition to goods, concessions from fresh produce delivery services can also be tested to find the money. Fresh products such as vegetables, fruit, meat, and dairy products are usually in the foreground. Fresh food delivery services don’t have many competitors at the moment so they should be considered.


  1. Refill water depot

Water refills or gallons of water are needed a lot. Especially households that do not use tap water or groundwater for cooking. This company uses empty gallons of existing bottled water products, requiring several key sterilizing and bottling machines.

In terms of revenue, this franchise will rarely “die” because clean water is always needed. As an investor, you need to monitor the cleanliness and speed of the courier when delivering water to consumers. Once a customer, the profits keep flowing.


  1. Laundry

It must be admitted that the laundry business has a promising market. Especially if the laundry is already being operated in the franchise area, consumers trust more in quality and workmanship. If you are interested in investing in this business, pay attention to the company brand with the location.

If you are opening a business in a student or salaried area, choose a laundry franchise that is affordable and quick to process. Of course, the cheaper the better and invite consumers. On the other hand, if you are opening a business in a residential area, a mid to high-end laundry service that covers all types of goods is worth trying.


  1. spa

Another franchise worth trying for beginners is a spa. There are many types of personal care services and they don’t just reach women. Now there are also special spas for babies, men, and women through to families with enticing offers.

For this one business, the reputation of the franchise is very important. Because the spa is directly related to the consumer experience and comfort. Before deciding to invest, conduct a thorough survey of how your target spa treats consumers. Also, check any toiletries used and other procedures.

  1. Ladies-only salon

Today’s beauty industry has invaded many areas including salons made specifically for women. This salon franchise is particularly in demand among headscarf wearers. Besides providing private treatments, the services offered are also on par with public salons, so this salon is unlikely to be empty of enthusiasts.

If you’re interested in trying out this business, make sure the salon is in a strategic place and has lots of people visiting it to keep customers coming. Opt for a salon that has a clear service and care concept, not just as long as it looks good. Maximize the various promos on offer to make the money come faster.


  1. Pharmacy

If you pay attention because the first pharmacies are always in an area not far from the hospital. This makes it easy for patients to buy the medicines they need. Now, 24-hour pharmacies are easier to find. Helping people who need medication quickly is becoming easier and easier.

Although franchised, this 24-hour pharmacy is not a random business. All medicines are delivered directly from the center. Employees who work in pharmacies also have to go through a training process lasting several months.


How to Sustain a Franchise Business

Once the franchise business is up and running, you must of course continue to maintain and care for the business so that the income continues to flow. Don’t expect double wins as return on investment takes time. Follow some of these tips to make your franchise business more attractive to customers.


  1. Focus on quality

The main factor in maintaining a franchise business is to ensure that the quality of service and product is always maintained. When you decide to run a food or beverage franchise business, the freshness of the raw materials must be a priority. Provide excellent service to your customers because whatever the franchise sells, customer satisfaction remains number one.


  1. Offer a promo

A surefire way to keep business going and attract buyers is to offer attractive promotions. You can offer free items with the purchase of certain products. Or it could be by giving loyal customers a discount of a certain percentage. Bring out the creative side by using different tactics each month to see which techniques work and which don’t.


  1. Increase supply

Upselling techniques, also known as offering other products related to the items customers have purchased, can also be used as a ploy to keep the business going. In addition, additional income can also be generated in this way. Remember to use upselling techniques as kindly as possible. There should be no element of coercion to make the customer uncomfortable.


  1. Do after-sales communication

Building good relationships with customers must also be done for the franchise business to survive. If you’re in a store, have a quick chat with the customer once they’ve enjoyed the product. Look for ways to increase lifetime value (LTV) or customer loyalty so your business runs more smoothly.


  1. Make customers happy

As a franchise business owner, there is nothing better than seeing happy faces from customers. Create a friendly atmosphere where potential buyers feel welcome. Work harmony and mood among employees are also noteworthy, as they directly affect service and interaction with customers.

Operating different types of franchises is not just about investing and depositing a franchise fee. There are many other duties as an entrepreneur that must be fulfilled to keep the business afloat. Hopefully, this article will be useful for those of you who want to start a franchise business.

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