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Having a passive income or passive income is a desire not only for employees or housewives but also for college students and college students. Students or college students have quite a lot of needs related to education, like paying monthly fees, buying books, buying uniforms, and so on.

Some people may be able to easily pay this cost, but others require more effort. Although it is still the responsibility of parents, we also need to be more independent to take care of educational needs without disrupting our time to study and go to school or college.

One option is passive income since this income can be earned without working. However, in the beginning, we also need to take our time to get the work done, and then we can feel the benefits of this passive income here are some recommendations for you.

Create a blog or website as a source of income

Nowadays almost all information can be obtained from the Internet and this is inseparable from the existence of a blog or website. Most people prefer to get information from the internet rather than from books or newspapers. This condition opens up opportunities for us to earn passive income.

For those of you who enjoy writing, having your blog or website is a must as this hobby can be a source of income later on. You can discuss various topics in the blog or on the website, e.g. B. Product reviews, reviews of tourist attractions, education, tips, and others.

You used to have to create a blog or website first. There is no need to create a paid platform as many platforms offer free blog creation facilities and services. If you then publish or write content regularly, you can see the potential for greater passive income.

Create a Youtube channel in different ways

Almost everyone has a Youtube account to watch different kinds of interesting videos with different topics ranging from cooking recipes, matches, footage, lifestyle, and so on. You can also build your own Youtube channel according to your favorite area.

First, set the topic of your channel in advance so that it doesn’t get muddled later and Youtube users are reluctant to visit your channel. To do this, focus on just one topic, such as cooking, holidays, education, and many more. You can earn passive income by making videos.

The video you create will be published on the Youtube channel for everyone to see. The more people watch your videos and subscribe to your Youtube account, the greater the opportunity to advertise at high rates, so your passive income will also be greater.

Become a drop shipper for specific products

One of the obstacles for students and college students to earn passive income is not having enough capital. This is of course because they don’t have jobs that bring more income. After all, other needs need to be met such as B. Cash, photocopies, snacks, and others.

There are several avenues that you can try without having to think about the amount of capital, and that is to become a drop shipper. This means you sell products that other people are selling without having to buy them first. All you have to do is promote the product to the people closest to you.

If someone is interested and wants to buy it, you can place an order in the vendor’s shop. In the past, you could first withdraw money from your customers and then buy the ordered products, but you also had to have capital, even if it wasn’t much, for passive income to work smoothly.

Mutual fund investment with small capital

Who says investments can only be made by the rich? Many people assume that investing is big money, although students can invest with minimal capital. One way to generate passive income is to invest in mutual funds.

Currently, there are many investment companies offering services for very small capital investment funds, starting from IDR 10,000. Of course, it’s easier for students to put the money aside in denominations so they can save it in a profitable mutual fund.

However, you have to think carefully about which investment company is selected so that you don’t choose the wrong one. Ensure that the investment company is under the auspices of the OJK as the regulator of financial institutions in Indonesia. This passive income method allows you to make a bigger profit than with regular savings.

Build your online shop without much capital

If being a drop shipper doesn’t require a lot of capital, then you need to raise some capital to build your online store. However, this method is certainly more productive and opens up greater opportunities to earn a passive income of great value since we have our online store.

Before opening an online store, make sure you have chosen a trusted supplier that offers quality products and the right resale price. Some of the products that can be sold are clothes, shoes, kitchenware, bedding, hats, frozen food, jewelry, raincoats, and so on.

After finding a trustworthy provider, you can create your online store through social media like Facebook, or Instagram or by using the existing marketplace. You can include products you’ve bought and then sold to generate some promising passive income.

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