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We may have been doing financial planning all along. There are many financial goals we want to achieve, want as buying gadgets, house down payment, wedding plans, child-raising expenses, etc.

But in fact, not to mention getting closer to the goal, how come many financial problems are approaching? Is it because the salary is still missing, or maybe something is wrong with our financial planning?

From time to time we need to self-reflect on our financial planning process so that we can better correct the mistakes. Compared to being late, there’s nothing wrong with grading.

Well, if you’re still confused about where to start, you can check your financial planning with the 15 right financial traits/signs below. Let’s look at some signs that your financial planning is correct or needs improvement.

  1. There is an inner sense of calm

Financial planning is done so that planners can be more relaxed in the face of uncertainty, especially in financial matters.

Because with financial planning, we know what kind of fund preparation meets needs and other things, and we know how to achieve those financial goals.

Did you know that a study shows that many people suffer from insomnia due to financial problems? Usually, finances are messy, uncontrolled, or in debt here and there.

Well, even if you are in debt, you can rest easy if you have the right financial planning. Because you also know how to solve debt problems.

Not on the contrary, where financial planning always makes it uncertain and difficult to be thankful. Therefore, the hallmark of proper financial planning is a sense of calm within us. Calm down, that doesn’t mean you’re not vigilant. But calm down, because you already have a clear picture of what your financial goals (including debt) and strategies to achieve them will be.

Well, if you are still overcome with anxiety or even have trouble sleeping due to financial issues, try to check if the goals and financial strategies you are pursuing are clear and appropriate. Could it be that in practice we are not consistent with our goals?


  1. Pay attention to where your expenses go

The next sign that our financial planning is correct is knowing where our money is going. For this, there is usually an artifact that we can examine, which is the daily expense report.

Is it in the manual or through a financial application on a smartphone? Because people with good financial planning will prioritize their money and not interfere with their financial goals.

Well, if it turns out that we still don’t know where our money has gone all this time, we need to be vigilant 1. This could be one of the reasons why we get into financial difficulties even though we have done financial planning before.


  1. Royal but still able to control desires

Third, the ability to be generous while controlling our desires is a sign that our financial planning is correct. Royal here is that we can meet the needs with quality. It can be anything, it can be for ourselves or something else.

For example, buying good quality shoes even though they are a bit expensive, treating family members or friends at certain moments, etc.

This is why life looks successful for people whose financial planning is good. But even if a good financial plan puts us in a position to control our desires.

That said, in addition to living affluently, we have considerations about spending money in terms of priorities and skills (not just spending money because we want to).


  1. Don’t despair when you are old

Who is it that every old date has to eat ramen or fast?

One of the hallmarks of good financial planning is being able to meet needs well. This means that while the date is old, it doesn’t necessarily mean our routine needs can’t be met.

Because we already have a finance center for every need, prepare it as far as we can and also issue it according to the existing position.

So that we don’t have to worry about food and transport in old age, because the money for daily needs is still sufficient according to the previous plan.

And you? If you experience this, try to check how you make budgets and spend money in real as well.


  1. Have the ability to share

Why is the ability to share a hallmark of good financial planning?

Usually, someone whose personal financial planning can share. Since he was able to meet his needs according to his abilities, he can of course also concentrate more on thinking about other people.

Of course, when you’re still fighting for yourself, thinking about other people becomes a pretty heavy burden. Surely to help others we must be strong, right?

Strength doesn’t get rich here, huh? Many rich cannot share. But rather on the strength that comes from within, namely calm when solving problems, also in financial terms. So are we among those who can share?


  1. Able to overcome emergencies

The next feature is the ability to deal with emergencies. If our financial planning is right, emergencies like sudden layoffs won’t even cause a shock that destroys our lives. Because we have an emergency fund ready to go.

That way we can focus more on getting back up and dealing well with these conditions. The opposite will happen if our financial plans are not clear.

Now let’s try to consider whether we are financially ready in the event of an emergency.


  1. Not often loud and there is financial transparency with a partner

Living in harmony with a partner is one of the important aspects of realizing the vision in family life. A study states that the thing that is often the cause of arguments between couples and even divorce is a question of finances.

This makes sense because many things in our life have to do with money and when we are married we need to unite our conscious and subconscious and the habits of two people who may be different.

One of the signs that our financial planning is right is being open about finances with our partner so that we don’t often make a fuss about the issue.

Even if there are discussions, they are usually resolved. We and our partner have the same basic attitude toward solving problems and agreeing on financial goals.


  1. Have a low debt ratio

Another characteristic of good financial planning is that we have a low debt ratio relative to income.

Financial planners say that the maximum rate of our debt is 35% of our income. So if you want to live a healthier financial life, the debt ratio shouldn’t be any higher.

Well, people with correct financial plans usually do not go into debt lightly and are aware of their ability to pay. They are trying to lower their debt ratio even further.


  1. Able to pay installments in full and on time

This ninth point is still related to the debt discussion. Because they are aware of their ability to pay off debt and don’t take installments beyond their means, people with proper financial planning tend to be able to pay full installments and also on time.

Anyway, far from procrastinating, let alone being debt free. He must have entered the installment payment items every month in which he carried out his budgeting.


  1. Can invest every month

In addition to being able to serve their needs well according to their abilities and paying installments on time, another characteristic is being able to invest every month. When it comes to financial planning, we need to have financial goals, right?

So this is what guides us to invest every month. Nothing other than achieving previously planned financial goals. Money isn’t being sucked in by a lifestyle we couldn’t meet because of financial goals that we think are important in the long term.


  1. Total wealth increases every year

The next characteristic we can reflect on is an annual basis or look at the record number of our assets each year. Of course, if we can invest every month, the number of our assets will increase every year.

Because we can achieve our financial goals. Are you now trying to check again whether the number of your assets continues to increase, stagnates, or even decreases every year?


  1. Get closer to your financial goals

As mentioned earlier, people with good financial planning make investments because they have goals to achieve.

Therefore, the characteristic that we implement the right financial plan is our drive to invest consistently and in a disciplined manner.

This brings us closer to our financial goals. Instead of just moving on and thinking, “Why aren’t you getting there, huh?” With the help of a savings notes app, you can see how close you are to your financial goals.


  1. Don’t worry too much about the future

We all know that money isn’t everything. But we cannot deny that many things in life are related to money, including the future.

Well, people with good financial planning usually don’t worry too much about the future because they know exactly what financial goals are worth choosing and how to achieve them.


  1. Can buy expensive items

Why is the ability to purchase expensive goods a sign of proper financial planning?

The difference between being able to afford and being able to buy expensive things. If we can afford it, it means that we buy expensive items like cars, houses, or other items because our income is sufficient and does not interfere with other financial planning.

It will be different if we buy these things because we can. Can make and have a down payment regardless of income opportunities and needs and other financial goals. That’s the dangerous thing.


  1. Be in complete control of your money

Finally, a sign that our financial planning is correct is that we are in full control of the money we have. That means we can determine where the money goes, where the money can be managed to generate returns, and so on.

Although our salary is still small, we can see money as a tool because its purpose is clear. We will be motivated to find ways for the money we have to be used effectively and look for income taps so that financial goals can be met.

Not even enslaved by money where money controls our lives. Usually when this happens, one of the traits is that we easily get carried away with a trendy lifestyle and feel constantly dissatisfied.



Well, those are 15 signs our financial planning is on the right track. How many items are already on your list? Hopefully, the above explanation can help you live a better financial life.

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