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The sensory abilities of young children are one of the skills in child development that must be acquired and refined as a prerequisite for later adulthood. This ability is often discussed by many sides as it is very important for child development. What exactly is sensory and how important is it for a child’s growth and development? The sensory system of small children is explained in detail below.

What are toddler sensory abilities?

Sensing is a process related to the brain’s ability to effectively receive, interpret, and use information channeled through the five senses, namely:

  • Vision
  • Listen
  • Odor
  • Taste
  • Touch
  • Movement


Toddlers’ sensory abilities affect language, social, vocabulary, problem-solving, and coordination skills. If there is a problem with the child’s sensory abilities, the child’s abilities will be disrupted.


What about toddlers’ sensory abilities?

It should be noted that every child has different sensory abilities and cannot be equated. It is not good to compare your child’s skills with their friends as it can make children depressed and even stressed. So, to find out the development of toddlers’ sensory skills by age, here are some things that can be a guide.


Sensory abilities of toddlers aged 2-3 years

The sensory abilities of children aged 2-3 years include:

  • Can concentrate for 3 minutes.
  • Sitting alone while looking at children’s books he has seen.
  • Can use the toilet with instructions from others.
  • Point to and say the part of the doll’s body you are asking about.
  • Adjust the shape of the same object.


Sensory abilities of toddlers aged 3-4 years

Children’s sensory abilities are different each child, but in general, by the age of 3-4, toddlers can do several things:

  • Adjust images.
  • Understand the concept of taking turns and taking turns.
  • Expressing the emotions that are in him.
  • Can put on own clothing, including buttons and zippers.
  • Can eat unaided by himself and has no difficulty in doing so.
  • To play with friends.


Sensory abilities of toddlers aged 4-5 years

Toddlers’ sensory abilities are related to the five senses in the human body. Children’s sensory and emotional abilities are also closely related. For the sensory abilities of toddlers by the age of 4, in general, there are several things they can do:

  • Counting from 1-10.
  • Know shapes (eg circles, blocks, triangles, squares).
  • Already able to make friends with children his age.
  • already understand and follow the rules of the game.


How do you train your toddler’s sensory skills?

There are many ways to train toddlers’ sensory skills. Games are the best way to keep children from getting bored and excited while practicing. Here are some games you can do with your child to train their senses according to the child’s age:


How to train the sensory skills of toddlers aged 2-3 years

Games to do with your little one such as:

  1. play watercolor

Making games to exercise your toddler’s senses will automatically make the house more chaotic, one of which is a handprint game. By the age of 24 months or 2 years of child development, children love colorful things and steal attention. From here you can make fun of children’s games.

Apply food coloring or watercolors with bright colors like red, yellow, blue, green, and paper or cardboard so kids can print their fingers. Let your child’s sense of sight and touch feel the watercolors through their little fingers. This can be a piece of art to be kept as a keepsake when he grows up.


How to train the sensory skills of toddlers aged 3-4 years

Some games that can be tried to exercise children’s sensory skills, namely:

  1. Play sand

By the age of 36 months or 3 years of child development, the child no longer puts foreign objects in the mouth. This is a good time to play with sand to train toddlers’ sensory abilities. According to Parentcircle, one of the best tools to sharpen a child’s sensory skills is sand which can be formed into different shapes.

There are many sand toys sold in the market at present, which can be used as toys for your little ones to improve toddlers’ sensory skills. When children play with sand, they learn to recognize textures through their palms and feet. You don’t have to be afraid of getting dirty because this toy sand is easy to clean and some are safe for your little ones.

You can do that by putting the beach sand in a small box. Then let your child play there with their imagination and explore the texture of the sand. Make the game more fun by playing Treasure. Hide a small object in the sand, e.g. B. an action figure or a watch, and ask your child to find what you are hiding.

When playing, your child uses sight and touch to find objects that you are hiding. Learning to improve your toddler’s sensory skills while playing will not be boring.


  1. Playing with buttons

To support this game, the materials needed are large brightly colored buttons and a rope thick enough to insert into the buttonhole. In addition to sharpening the sensory skills of toddlers, this game also trains children’s concentration. He will figure out how to thread the rope through the little buttonhole.

If your kid looks bored, you can try playing with the color of the buttons. Ask your child to group the buttons by color e.g. B. Yellow with yellow, green, and red. This helps the child to match things according to the colors they already know and develops toddlers’ sensory skills.


How to train toddlers’ sensory skills 4-5 years old

There are at least three types of games that you can use to train the sensory skills of toddlers 4-5 years old, namely:

  1. Play a shape guessing game

If the child gets bored with the game played too often, you can try to play “magic box” guessing games with your little one. The only tools needed are items or fruit that can be held and a closed box that has a hand-sized hole. Ask the child to put their hand in the box and then touch the item inside. Have the child guess the object by touch. If you are having trouble finding the box, you can close your child’s eyes and let the child smell the scent of the object they are holding. This is a game that can train the sensory skills of toddlers aged 4-5 years.


  1. Play with blocks

This game can improve your toddler’s sensory skills as they learn to grab blocks, arrange them and make other shapes. Not only that, the different colors of the blocks sharpen children’s cognitive stimulation and five senses. This can also allow your little one to learn to distinguish the colors in front of them. Of course, this will improve the sensory skills of toddlers.


  1. Learn to wear your shoes

Children aged 4-5 already want to be independent by doing some things themselves, for example eating, drinking, storing clothes, or carrying clothes. You can train your toddler’s sensory skills by asking them to learn to wear their shoes without standing on their head. Not infrequently, when your little one wears shoes or sandals, the position is reversed, and the left becomes the right. This activity stimulates the toddler’s sensory system to recognize other textures in the shoe and trains the little one’s state of mind.

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