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Education is essential for everyone without exception. Everyone must receive proper education for future sustainability. Besides acquiring knowledge through education, a person can also develop their character. When it comes to discussion, education indeed cannot be separated from technology.

Technology plays a significant role in education, where this technology can be a means of supporting the educational process. With the development of this technology, there is a need for everyone, both students and teachers, to be able to use technology as best as possible so that the benefits of this technology can have a positive impact on educational development and also make it easier for teachers and students to continue education.


The role of technology in learning

In their use, technology plays a vital role in supporting learning activities. For example, technology can facilitate teaching and learning activities as internet access is readily available to students. Also, information from various education-related sources can be easily obtained to broaden the horizons of students and teachers. Then through technology, the learning system can be more diversified, not monotonous, so that students’ enthusiasm for learning can be increased.

In addition, the importance of technology for education can also be felt directly or indirectly by students and teachers. With the existence of technology, students and teachers can easily carry out their teaching and learning activities and get things done faster, easier, and more efficiently.


Technology in learning

We can apply the increase in technology to the world of education in this modern era of globalization as more sophisticated facilities accelerate the learning process. Here technology must always follow its development. The use of technology has been proven to increase children’s interest in learning as it looks more attractive, preventing boredom in class.

The meaning of learning technology is an application or medium that has been designed in a modern way and is used as theory and practice in learning, as a learning resource. Currently, the technology that is widely used in education is information technology.

Using information for learning media can positively impact students as they can more easily find the information they need during the learning process. Computers and the Internet can be provided as media in every school.

Benefits of technology in the world of education

There are many benefits to using technology in education. Aside from the fact that the learning process is practical, there are many other benefits as well, including:

Improved quality of education

Education is an opportunity to improve the quality of life. Technology can facilitate the learning process, and students can also expand their knowledge and explore more rather than just focusing on one source. If a teacher can use technology, the quality of education in Indonesia will be better.

Support in learning

The use of technology can support learning, and students often feel monotonous with the knowledge that happens. However, with technology, teachers can make learning more fun by displaying videos that catch the students’ attention, making them pay more attention to the lessons explained by the teacher.

Gathering information is more accessible.

Technology is making it easier for us to access existing information, e.g., B. Completing assignments and discussing student materials frequently through search engines can facilitate access to something difficult to learn. Not only a student but also teachers often access it through search engines to be able to convey existing material more efficiently.

Increase interest in learning

Using technology in education can make students feel more comfortable and not seem bored or monotonous because the provision of information through changing technology looks more diverse and modern. Complete information and knowledge and more accessible access can increase students’ interest in learning.


Technology is critical in education as it has several benefits, including:
  • can get the job done easier and faster,
  • make it easier to find the information you need,
  • Everyone can use technology,
  • makes it easy to access the Internet as the price is affordable,
  • can develop his talents and interests and others.
Technology in education has advantages as well as disadvantages, including:
  • emergence of plagiarism (plagiarism),
  • Students who are not highly motivated tend to fail in education,
  • Educational technology, both hardware and software requires high costs,
  • limited school infrastructure will hamper educational innovation,
  • Forgetting to do coursework, worship, and more


Technology is essential for education, which we still need to develop as a young generation. Even more so when there are obstacles in the educational process, for example, during a pandemic, when we cannot learn directly in school, advanced technology will make it easier for us in critical times. Then the technology in education will continue to develop. Technological advances that are becoming more sophisticated encourage the younger generation to develop them further so that we, as the younger generation, use technology appropriately and carefully.

The use of technology in education has several benefits for the continuity of learning. On the other hand, you have to watch out for your children when dealing with technology because the information is easily accessible in technology, not only positive information but also negative information.

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