The right way to teach kids to swim

The right way to teach kids to swim

Swimming is an important skill that children must have. Children can be taught to swim outside the water or the pool first before being trained directly in the pool. This ability can help protect children aged 1-4 from drowning. In addition, swimming can also be one of the sports to increase children’s physical strength.
After your child has practiced outside of the pool, you can start taking them into the water or pool to practice. If you want to teach your child to swim quickly, you still need to pay attention to your little one’s maturity and readiness. It is also essential to pay attention to other aspects when training children to swim, such as B. Security and Safety. Another thing to think about is making sure that the learning process of swimming is fun and not boring for kids.

Here are nine ways to teach kids to swim that you can use:

The right way to teach kids to swim

1. Introduce water to children

Children’s comfort in the water is a factor that parents must consider to see if their child is ready to learn to swim. For this reason, introducing children to water in a playful way is a way of training children to swim at an early age. You can fill a small glass with lukewarm water. Gradually pour the water over the child’s head and shoulders. This will help the child get used to the water conditions and temperature. Showering, watering plants, or washing the car is also fun.

2. Water play while bathing

An effective way to teach children to swim early is to enjoy bathing. So the child feels comfortable with water. You can teach children simple tricks that can be performed with water. For example blowing soap bubbles into the water or just spraying water. In addition, you can teach safety in water activities. Help your child understand that they cannot engage in any water activity without adult supervision, exercise caution around swimming pools, and call for help if they see anyone needing help in the water.

3. Play water bubbles

Instilling a sense of comfort in and around the water is an important principle in recognizing a child’s readiness to swim. Also, you must diligently teach your child to have good habits and be safe in and around the water. Similar to bathing, you and your child can play with water bubbles to help them get used to the pool situation. You can also teach children to hold their breath in the water as a preparatory exercise for learning to swim in the pool.

4. Learn to control your breath

The right way to teach kids to swim

Children also learn to control their breath by learning to hold their breath. Breath holding can be learned in the shower. If the child feels comfortable, the child can try it in a shallow pool. When the child is already well in control of breathing in the water, they can explore the pool more freely. However, of course, still under the strict supervision of adults.

5. Learn to kick

One of the ways to teach kids to swim is to practice kicking. For example playing ball. The power of leg kicks is beneficial to help kids kick in the water. If the child can step into the pool of water, you can practice stepping into a shallow pool. Kicking can be practiced for 10 seconds.

6. Choose the right time and atmosphere

The weather and children’s emotional conditions must be considered when children are learning to swim. Pay attention to weather safety when swimming. Rainy weather is a risky situation in the outdoor pool area due to the risk of lightning. The emotional state of an unexcited and restless child is also a risk because it cannot cooperate in the water. Also, remember to set aside regular time to learn to swim. After all, too long an absence can lead to children forgetting what they have learned.

7. Choose an experienced swimming instructor

Teaching children to swim can be done alone by parents or experienced swimming instructors. Remember that people who teach children to swim can not only teach children to swim but also teach them the ability to survive in the water. It is perfect if the swimming instructor is professionally trained to give swimming lessons to children. Also, it would be perfect if safety officers could provide first aid and essential life support when your child is learning to swim.

8. Play and Explore

The right way to teach kids to swim

This method is essential when teaching children to swim. Train children with fun and fun as if they were playing. You can play and explore in the bathroom during the water feature or in the initial phase in the shallow pool.
If kids are playing, there’s nothing wrong with giving them goggles. This measure is taken so the child becomes accustomed and familiar with the function of the glasses he uses when “playing” in the water. They can also provide a life jacket for child safety. Provide your child with the appropriate goggles and flotation device so they can stay afloat and open their eyes wide while in the pool.

9. Teaching kids to get out of the pool

An essential step in a child’s swim education is teaching them to get out of the pool independently. Have your child practice holding onto the side of the wall to climb out of the pool. Please help your child lift their body weight until they get used to independently climbing out of the pool. In the beginning, your child may need a little help, but it will be better to do it alone.
You can teach your child to use their right elbow, left elbow, stomach, and knee while trying to get out of the pool. Indeed, swimming is one of the physical activities that are highly recommended for children. However, parents cannot simply force their children to know how to swim. You must pay attention to the child’s readiness and comfort in the water. In addition, when learning to swim, you need to pay attention to the safety of children. Consistency and a fun atmosphere are also essential to getting kids excited about learning to swim.

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