Tips for teaching children to write at home

Writing is one of the fine motor skills that children need to master. Besides that, writing for kids can also be a medium to channel their emotions and express them. You need to know that basic writing skills in children must be developed before children can write correctly. However, teaching children to write takes work. You may even have experienced various dramas while teaching children to write, such as a child who pretends to be sleepy when studying because he is lazy, a child who cries when being introduced, or a child who does not like to look for a long time, as well as various other obstacles.

Here are 14 tips you can use to deal with all that drama when teaching kids to write:

Tips for teaching children to write at home

1. Provide a convenient place

The first thing you can do to teach a child to write is give them a comfortable place to sit. Make sure your child can learn to write on a stable chair and table that conforms to their body shape. It allows the child to sit in a good posture. So they can feel comfortable and at home to study and stay there. Also, avoid a table or desk that is too high. Because it affects the movement of the child’s hand when writing and makes the Writing messy.

2. Create a fun atmosphere

Children often prefer to study in a fun atmosphere. You can teach children to write while playing or singing. In addition, children also like to learn to write with interesting things, for example, with picture books or colorful books.

3. Various props

Teaching children to write sometimes requires additional tools. Well, kids usually like props with bright color variations that catch their attention. Starting with the writing tools, then also examples of the alphabet used. All of these tools should be attractively colored so that children can focus on them and be interested in learning more about them. So, if the child is bored, you can replace it with new, no less interesting gadgets, so later, the child will be able to remember all the letters well.

4. Teach children to understand

Tips for teaching children to write at home

Now that the three steps above have been completed, it is time for you to teach your child to grasp. In today’s digital age, it’s not uncommon for children to be more used to typing on tablets or laptops. As a result, children are better at typing than Writing. This can result in the child’s gripping ability needing to be appropriately trained. Even if Writing occurs when typing, children should be adequately prepared to write by hand because it has to do with motor skills. Therefore, you must also practice their grasping skills before teaching children to register.

5. Free Writing

When teaching children to write, don’t have too high expectations. Also, don’t set a goal for how many days your child will take to master Writing. Let your child develop naturally. Let your child write freely when they first learn. The kids may make random lines. Well, you don’t need to worry about that. Let the kid do and export what he wants first.

6. Follow the point method

Tips for teaching children to write at home

The dot tracing method is useful for teaching children to recognize letters from uppercase and lowercase easily. You can manually create patterns that represent letters or numbers. Make a pattern of dots with a pencil and ask the child to thicken or faithfully connect the dots so that he can create a specific shape. Aside from creating it manually, you can also get it from a book or print a similar font from an internet image.

7. Bold thin letters

After tracing, the dot method can be done by children, now is the time for you to try to teach them to make thin letters bold. As with the previous process, you can make it yourself or use a particular book for children learning to write, and you can even search for thin letters on the Internet and then print them out. When choosing a letter pattern, use it mainly so children can see it well and learn optimally. If it is too small, the child will have trouble finishing it.

8. Writing with individual letters

You can teach children to write by writing individual letters first. Start teaching children to write vowels, namely a, i,u,e, and o. Then train kids to write consonants. However, you can always mix the two, both vowels and consonants, so that the children’s learning ability can increase. You can consistently practice writing that one letter so children’s writing ability can develop properly.

9. Writing in syllables

Once children can write individual letters, it’s time to start teaching syllables. Teaching various syllables, such as ba, ca. da, ga, and ha, can help children learn to write. In addition, writing syllables at the same time can help children learn to read. That’s why you should take advantage of this one tip.

10. Accompany patiently

Guiding children to learn to write is rugged and easy. However, you must be able to do it patiently. Don’t let kids feel pressured and think beyond their limits. Teach slowly and give appreciation when the child succeeds in Writing. It does not have to be a gift; sticking the inscription on the wall can bring joy to the child.

11. Use colorful books and stationery

The next tip is to use brightly colored books and stationery to draw your child’s attention. Usually, young children prefer something colorful to plain black and white. By using bright paper, mom and dad can also introduce the names of the colors to your little one.

12. Use stationery with a child’s favorite character on it

In addition to colorful paper, mom and dad can also use a variety of paper with pictures of children’s favorite characters. For example, animal figures such as cats, rabbits, dogs, bears, ducks, etc. You can also use stationery featuring Disney Princess or Avengers characters, which are popular with kids.

13. Use a sample book with the trace-the-dot method

To help children learn to write, mom and dad can use patterned books, usually available in bookstores. In patterned books, letter patterns are available from the letters A-Z to the numbers 1-10. This patterned book uses the dot tracing method, which asks the child to trace and bold the dots on each page, creating a perfect pattern of letters or numbers.
This method is beneficial for children learning to write for the first time, as the available dot patterns can help children visualize what the letters or numbers they are learning look like. Books with designs like this are sold in stores because the dot-tracking method is one of the easiest ways to teach children to write at home.
But if mom and dad don’t have time to go shopping at a bookstore, mom and dad can also draw the dots of the letter and number patterns in a notebook or search the Internet for designs and print them out on HVS paper.

14. First, give an example

Even though they have used a pattern, their child usually needs clarification about how to write from that pattern. Parents can first give an example of how to write according to the existing practice. Then ask the child to write after the standards taught.

Those are 14 tips for teaching kids to write that you can try at home. Remember to teach your children to count and read in addition to learning to write.

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